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Microsoft opens Windows 8.1 preorders before Oct 18 launch

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhyllisColeman View Post
    OK! this is really good as i am aware with the fact that win 8.1 is available for free to those who are owning its predecessor version at prior hand .. i am ready to enjoy the update
    So you are a tile (touch) person and not a desktop (mouse) person?

    It does seem it comes down to that basic question.

    Let the war begin! Mousies against Touchies! May the best PC interface win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Thanks for the respect. [COLOR=#000000]There are many of us out here that still want old school mouse and desktop and no tiles or whatever you want to call them.
    LOL, I'm one of them - Neither my desktop nor laptop are touch screen, and I too prefer a mouse & keyboard. Also 8.1 lets you set the OS to start in desktop mode as opposed to the "metro" start screen. Something 8 doesn't have

    I not saying the OS is perfect, but I will say it's better 8, as you have more options and customization - such as changing the way the Metro screen looks, which I don't use as I simply hate the metro screen.

    Just keeping it real.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post
    If you already have 8, there's absolutely no reason not to move to 8.1. And though there are some additions here and there, there's really not that much of a difference in operation. Also be aware that 8 is pretty much dead once 8.1 goes live.
    absolutely true

    Windows 8.1 also lets people optionally boot straight to desktop.

    If you have 8 it's a NO BRAINER to get 8.1 - especially as it's a FREE upgrade. W8 will be deprecated (redundant / obsolete) as soon as W8.1 is out to general public.

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    IMHO 8.1 is all about fixing Metro. In 8.0 Metro is full screen one screen only. In 8.1 it is much more multi monitor friendly. I may actually leave 8.1 on my desktop now instead of rolling back to 7 like I normally do. If you spend most of your time on the traditional desktop 8.1 isn't going to do much for you other than the boot to desktop option. It your already running a third party application to get beck your start menu you are likely already booting to the desktop anyway. I haven't bothered upgrading my Wife's Windows 8 laptop. All she does is Facebook and its running fine so I'll leave it be. I did clean installs on my laptop and main desktop, just to avoid the pitfalls of upgrade installs. So far so good. The pricing looks to in tune with what Windows 7 cost. I'm not sure I personally would pay that though to upgrade any of my Windows 7 desktops to 8 or 8.1. If I didn't have TechNet my desktops would both still be running Windows 7. 7 is an excellent OS for those PC's. 8.1 is free for me anyway as both of my laptops came with Windows 8. 8.1 is nice and I like it but it doesn't have any killer feature that would inspire me to buy it just to upgrade a PC from Windows 7. A month or so ago I would have hunted up Windows 7 for a new desktop build, now though I think I might actually buy Windows 8.1.
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Microsoft opens Windows 8.1 preorders before Oct 18 launch
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