Mozilla has just announced that Firefox for Windows 8 with a Modern UI is now available in the Aurora release channel, which means that adopters of Microsoft's new operating system can finally give it a try.

Just as expected, the Modern flavor of Firefox tries to make the most of the Metro UI, so it features a touch-optimized interface with support for swipe gestures and large buttons.

Similar to the desktop version, the new build of Firefox is based on the Gecko rendering engine and obviously supports WebGL and Mozilla's very own asm.js “which supercharges JavaScript in the browser,” as the developing team explained.

“Hardware accelerated full HTML5 video is also supported, including open video formats like WebM and proprietary formats such as H.264,” it added.

In addition, Firefox for Windows 8 features OS integration, so you can run it in snap view mode and use the share charm to send links to your friends.
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released for Download