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Please, let Windows XP die with dignity

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    Please, let Windows XP die with dignity

    Early next year, when Microsoft finally, officially, and unreservedly drops support for Windows XP, it won't mark the beginning of a new XPocalypse. XP is a relic of a bygone era. It's time to let it go.

    Yesterday my colleague David Gewirtz delivered a fire-and-brimstone sermon on the coming XPocalypse, the date early next year when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP.

    Here’s Pastor Gewirtz, in a passage replete with Biblical references:

    If you don't think that cybercriminals have marked April 8, 2014 on their calendars with a big star, you're crazy. If you don't think they're holding back on launching some of their bigger exploits until after the patching ends, you're naive. For cybercriminals intent on skinning our 500 million sheep, April 8, 2014 is D-Day.

    By abandoning XP on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will cease being a good shepherd of its most loyal customers. Microsoft is just leaving them out there, exposed, and unprotected. On April 8, 2014, those millions of remaining XP users will be like lambs being led to the slaughter. To paraphrase Jeremiah 11:19, they do not know that plots have been devised against them.
    Can I get a “Hallelujah!” I said, Can I get a “Hallelujah!”

    OK, my turn at the pulpit. Spoiler alert: I don't plan to cite chapter and verse.

    First of all, this should not be a surprise to anyone. If you use Windows XP, you are not sheep, you are a paying customer. You got one of the best deals ever, because Microsoft has been running this route, the XP local, for more than a decade. No one is being left at the station. This train has had a “going out of service” sign on it for two years.

    The support lifecycle is a contract between Microsoft and its customers, one that’s been clearly described for many years. It is ridiculous to think that a software company should support a product indefinitely. That’s economically silly and technically unsustainable. In early 2014, Microsoft will be delivering security patches for five—count ‘em, five—major releases of its operating system that are still in mainstream or extended support.

    Perhaps that is why Microsoft’s reliability record with patches has been getting a bit dicey lately.

    If you thought you were getting a lifetime guarantee, you weren’t paying attention. XP’s end-of-support date was actually already extended once

    Read more at: Please, let Windows XP die with dignity | ZDNet

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    how long one should follow the getting older technology as the XP is among them .. and if you are still complaining about the stopped support to this past version from Microsoft, you are denying the changes to come in your way .. and that is not expected
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    By tradition, Microsoft tries to take old operating systems off the market six months after the release of a new one, but Windows XP continues to live on, almost two years following the release of Windows Vista. For the third time since Vista's release in January 2007 ... read more
    Windows XP Gets Another Life Extension - InternetNews.
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    I'll miss that snuffley little dog in Windows search ... ;-/

    BTW Office 2003 dies at the same time.

    Here's Microsoft's page: Support ends in 2014 for Windows XP and Office 2003!
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    Still don't see reason for all that crying about the end of support. It's not like XP will disappear from everybody's hard disks at that date. Computers running XP will not stop working. Parts manufacturers mostly stopped making drivers for XP a while ago. I still run into older computers running XP but no updates are going to make them better, time just run them over and that OS too. I personally, never do any updates except SPs and never had any problems. Time to go ahead, XP was a great OS but so is W7, so what ?
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    I think part of the problem is that PC hardware is improving faster than the attempts of software writers to invent more complex software to slow it down.

    The result is that I'm using a PC which is at least 6 , probably 7 years old, and apart from adding some RAM, it's still original; even in its day it was nothing special, just a middle-range laptop. And it runs Windows 8 fine, does everything I need and is fast enough for day-to-day tasks. Things would perhaps be different if I wanted to run games on it, but for browsing, day-to-day admin etc. it's good.

    So whereas I wouldn't run a PC which came with Windows 98 (and hardware from that era) if you paid me (apart from for historical interest), there are now a whole lot of PCs out there which are a few years old but perfectly capable of doing what most people want/need them to do, so people just keep using them. (Why spend money upgrading if it does the job?)

    It's interesting that Windows 8.1 is, according to Microsoft "not designed or recommended for devices running Windows XP or Windows Vista", and it seems there won't be an Upgrade Assistant to check out your old hardware either, so if people are considering upgrading that old PC, using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant now, while it still exists, might be a smart move...
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    Just another display of hubris, as well as unbridled greed on ms's part.
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    Technology changes and the OS's have to change with that. XP is an insecure system compared with later ones and is incapable of dealing with a lot of the newer formats, software, hardware etc. There's only so much they can do to patch it and then that's it.

    It's called progress. Whether or not that could be translated into corporate greed is a debatable point. Most of progress happens because people want it to happen.
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    To my mind, "Progress" implies "Improvement".
    Various XP features were stripped out of later Windows versions (e.g. built-in context menu editor).

    That said, apart from a few minor quibbles (actually the "Read-only" attribute change is a big disappointment to me) I'm happy with W7.

    I keep XP active, so that I can run Windows Live Photo Gallery and my old games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    Just another display of hubris, as well as unbridled greed on ms's part.
    Seriously? You expect MS to continue to support a product that's 12 years old? At what point is it Ok for MS to stop? Ever?

    That would mean products would have to cost 10x what they do now, because you have to build in support for all eternity. You have to keep releasing security patches, you have to keep doing testing, you have to keep maintaining code very time a new CPU is released or a new chipset... Enough is enough already. Even General Motors is not required to make parts for their cars for more than 7 years.
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Please, let Windows XP die with dignity
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