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Pricing and Packaging for Windows 8.1

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    The discount price for Windows 8 was a major factor in my buying it rather than sticking with XP.I expect a discounted price for 8.1 nearer the release date although I can't see it being such a bargain this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidY View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    Does anyone know definitively if it will be possible to download the free upgrade from the store and burn it as n ISO disc from which to do a clean install ... using your existing product key from W8 of course.
    The best answer I've seen is that there won't be an ISO if you want the free upgrade from 8.

    From the MS answer to one of the comments here:
    Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!
    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Leblanc
    Consumers will only be able to get Windows 8.1 for free through the Windows Store. ISO images wont be made available broadly for consumers.
    I assume MSDN/Technet folks are not "consumers" for this purpose, but for everyone else, unless there's a change, it looks like there will be no ISO, unless you want to go out and buy the retail version.
    That's the way I read things to. No ISO for the average Joe. That may backfire on them though as we all know, upgrade installs almost always have stability and reliability issues. I upgraded to the preview though the store and had issues right away. I ended up reinstalling 8.0 to get back to properly working system. No such issues when doing a clean install of 8.1 RTM on the same laptop. One could argue it was because it was only the preview release so judge for yourself. I don't remember seeing any option to save the update file of ISO when I upgraded though the store. Everything pretty well just ran in the background until I was prompted to reboot. I have a feeling that a few of us here are going to be busy once 8.1 hits the store as an upgrade option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun View Post
    Since for home netweork you need the Pro version, you look at $199 for the OS, while even good hardware (inc. SSD) won't cost you more than $400. I realize the OS runs everything, but half the cost of good hardware?

    I'm curious to hear if anyone knows how much Dell et al pay. I'm sure they only pay $30 and can pocket the difference. If MS would sell OS to everyone at the same price as the large retailers, more people woudl buy it.

    Maybe I should have bought one of the early $40 copies. but i just keep W7 untill W9 comes out or even longer.

    No wonder surface et al don't sell well. For $199 I get almost the entire Android pad inc OS.

    Even if W8 would function well (i.e. work like W7), why would anyone pay $199 to upgrade from W7 to W8? Especially since one year of service life (of the 10 years support) is already gone at this point.
    Why do you need Pro for a Home Network? 8 core will connect to your home network just fine.
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Pricing and Packaging for Windows 8.1
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