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Could Lodsys turn its sights on Microsoft Windows 8 developers?

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    Could Lodsys turn its sights on Microsoft Windows 8 developers?

    Lodsys, the Texas-based company that has been suing smaller iOS, Android and BlackBerry developers over alleged infringement of its in-app purchasing through an app store patent, hasn’t targeted in a substantial way Microsoft developers — yet.

    But that doesn’t mean some Windows developers aren’t thinking ahead about that possibility, especially for Windows 8, which will have its own app store.

    I received the following e-mail from a Windows developer this week:

    “I am a Windows developer who is planning to develop a Metro app. However, I have reservations about this because Microsoft has not said anything about what it plans to do to protect Metro developers from Lodsys. As you may know, Lodsys is the patent troll currently suing many small iOS and Android developers (and sending infringement notices to many more developers) because mobile apps allow in-app purchasing through an app store, which Lodsys claims is covered by their patent.

    “Any Windows developers interested in developing Metro apps will be exposing themselves to a possible lawsuit from Lodsys because Microsoft is planning to use the same type of in-app purchasing system for Metro apps that iOS developers must use.”
    Could Lodsys turn its sights on Microsoft Windows 8 developers? | ZDNet

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    Oh boy, whenever the words law and suit are in the same sentence it can't be good.

    I just don't understand why we all can't get along and use a open base for everyone's ideas. Similar to linux.

    It always seems that if you're not a well known developer, or special in some way, you're not important, your ideas have no merit, ect ect. -- is it just me or is our world overtaken with degrade-ment and disgust for the smaller people (those of the normal capacity)
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Could Lodsys turn its sights on Microsoft Windows 8 developers?
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