Microsoft has often been accused for not listening to consumer feedback and paying much more focus to its enterprise product lineup, especially since the Windows 8 operating system got to see daylight in October 2012.

The company, on the other hand, hasnít talked too much about the way it looks into usersí opinions until it actually had to, as Windows sales have dropped so much that Microsoft really had to reverse some of its decisions and tweak the operating system in order to address complaints.

Ever since June when Microsoft officially announced Windows 8.1 Preview at the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, the Softies started talking about consumer feedback, saying that usersí requests are much more important these days. Hence the return of the Start button and the integration of an option to boot directly to desktop and skip the Modern UI.

The truth, on the other hand, is that Microsoft remains mostly a company thatís based on the enterprise business, and the company indirectly admitted it during a meeting with financial analysts on Thursday.

Letís begin with a statement of outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer who said that although Microsoft tries to remain a consumer-shaped company, it all comes down to the enterprise business.
Microsoft Indirectly Admits That It