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What I *think* he's talking about is the unremarkable fact that there are certain services essential to the operation of Windows as an OS that are always on and so the user is given no options as to stopping them, disabling them, etc. The Windows Defender Service is one such service. However, you can "turn it off" by simply running the defender.cpl and turning off the real-time protection (which is advised policy if you decide to run another antimalware program.) At least, this is what I *think* he's talking about... Not sure why it bothers him, though.
Ahh.. Well, that's one service that can't be disabled via Services.mmc. However, there is a reason for this. And the reason is to make it harder for malware and viruses to disable the anti-virus without your knowledge. Still, there are very few services like this, and it can be disabled in other ways.