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Windows 8.1 RTM Released to MSDN & Technet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    I can promise you that this wasn't a boneheaded developer. It was probably a so-called User Experience expert who, based on various statistics, focus groups, and polling his pet lizard felt that this was the most user friendly thing to do.
    Wish I could rep you for that one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by floepie View Post
    Not my experience. You have to use OEM in the ei.cfg as I posted earlier. Then, you use your own OEM key to activate. Many applications cannot properly read your own purchased OEM key properly as I believe it's encrypted, but the application referred to ealier in this thread called "RW" can read it properly. Hope that helps.
    That is what I did, just got that error message.
    In the end I ran four key finders to verify the OEM key, only MJKeyfinder was wrong.
    Using the Win8.1 Installation key and activating with the OEM Win8 key worked. Just posting my results in case others experience the same issues.
    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    Hi Dave

    When upgrading from the desktop with the ei.cfg file, you will receive the error message.

    Delete the ei.cfg file & use a Windows 8.1 product key.

    Activate retail Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 Product key.

    Hi Ray,
    That's what I ended up doing, worked very well.
    Decided to experiment/test the upgrade scenario since the laptop is only two months old. Seems to be running very stable, will monitor and clean install if needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jf1450 View Post
    "Something happened."

    To think that some bonehead developer walking the face of the earth actually coded that.

    LOL, I thought that was very informative....
    Not a fan of the new approach of no information.
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    I don't think it's a new approach, is it? I mean, for how long has MS reported a successful install of anything in their admin logs with the ever insightful 0x0? Is this some sort of friendly feline reference?
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    At least an 0X0... number can be referenced to a cause or result of an error, "Something happened" is, well, obvious.
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    I think it's rather cute .. and what about the sad smiley when you can't get set-up to run.... why not include that as well?

    Perhaps have a global exception handler like this...

    static void CheckError(Exception ex)
    if (ex != null) 
     { throw new System.ArgumentException(" :( Something happened", "ex");
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    Something happened? What a dumb way to say an error. It would have been better if only the smaller message below was left there and written with bigger font. Simply saying "activation failed" or "error on activation" would have been more intelligent to say than "something happened" that could simply imply to a countless possibility of things that could have taken place. It should have at least a "More Info" or "More Details" link below to further explain the real problem that would also list some error codes that can be associated with specific scenarios that rooted the problem.

    Something did happen. The way the simplified things too much made them dumb.
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    Something happened...

    Not to make it sound too negative but it's obviously:

    "Something bad happened!"

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    FYI everyone, I just noticed that the installation of 8.1 reactivated Fast Startup. For those of you multi-booting like myself, that needs to be changed as per the Tutorial: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8 - this also will ensure that shutdown is complete and not simply hibernation.
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    Hello all !

    After a long time out I'm back to EF !

    Getting Windows 8.1 RTM right now. Time to have some fun !


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    Welcome back, Vlad.

    And fun it is!
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Windows 8.1 RTM Released to MSDN & Technet
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