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Intel says: Let there be light!

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    Intel says: Let there be light!

    New processors and multi-core SOCs may have grabbed most of the attention from Intel's datacenter related announcements yesterday, but the true game changer (and I really hate that phrase) is the production release of the Intel Silicon Photonics optical connection components.

    With the performance possible from this technology, the entire design of datacenters is likely to change, not to mention the basic architecture of large scale server computing
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    Photonics? Where is trhe Doctor from Star Trek Voyager? He was a Photonic Life Form heh.

    So is this just for moving Data, or will there be Processors based on this? To have a PC which uses LIGHT to move data around wold be fantastic. The heat factor would be much lower... Data moving over Copper Wired Connections create a lot of heat because of the EM fields created by a High Frequency Signal.

    Gonna keep an eye on this tech, it could turn the computing world upside down!

    The transmitter chip is composed of four such lasers, whose light beams each travel into an optical modulator that encodes data onto them at 12.5Gbps. The four beams are then combined and output to a single optical fiber for a total data rate of 50Gbps. At the other end of the link, the receiver chip separates the four optical beams and directs them into photo detectors, which convert data back into electrical signals. Both chips are assembled using low-cost manufacturing techniques familiar to the semiconductor industry
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    Will be interesting how far this concept can advance.
    Lot's of possibilities.
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Intel says: Let there be light!
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