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Now all Windows developers have been thrown under the bus

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    Now all Windows developers have been thrown under the bus

    John looked at the Microsoft campus bus stationary in front of him. He heard a little scratching noise coming from underneath and looked down. Instead of a scared kitten, he saw a young software developer - a hipster-type. There was a look about him -- that he had the pulse of the new wave of post-PC consumers. Got a great little product, source code in GitHub, MacBook in his messenger bag, all ready to go.

    John crouched down to get a better view. "You alright down there?" he asked.
    "Just about," the developer said. "Microsoft threw me under this bus. I'm just trying to get used to it." The scratching noise came as he tried to free his hand enough to furtle around his pocket for his Lumia. He was keen to get a picture of the bus's underside on Instagram via 6tag. "I guess it'll get comfortable enough over time." He wriggled around to loosen some of the bigger stones digging into his back.
    "So sad," said a lady who had sidled up to John. "It's the same all over town. Developers keen to show support for Microsoft's new tablet strategy are just being thrown under the bus by Microsoft executives. All he wanted was early sight of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT to make sure his customers would be adequately supported."
    "Huh," said John standing up to address the woman, "he should have bought an MSDN subscription. He got what he deserves for not planning ahead."
    "That's the thing," said the lady, "he does. He's fully paid up. And he's on Bizspark. He's got all the Microsoft love you ever did see!"
    "Fancy grabbing a cup of coffee?" said John.
    Now all Windows developers have been thrown under the bus | ZDNet

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    With no early Windows 8.1 RTM bits, what's a developer to do?

    On August 27, Microsoft confirmed what had been rumored for a couple of weeks: Developers won't be getting early access to the Windows 8.1 RTM bits.

    That revelation set off quite a storm on Twitter and in comments on blogs (including mine). How are developers supposed to be ready with apps that take advantage of Windows 8.1's new features and programming interfaces if they can't get access to the RTM bits ahead of the October 18 Windows 8.1 launch?
    Developers have traditionally gotten early access via MSDN and TechNet, allowing them to test their apps against the RTM bits to make sure all works properly. But Microsoft began changing this pattern starting with Windows Phone 8, when the company opted to delay availability of the Windows Phone 8 SDK for most (but not all) developers until launch.
    With no early Windows 8.1 RTM bits, what's a developer to do? | ZDNet
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Ballmer never would have let this happen! (Too soon, I know, but also too hard to resist.)
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    You can already get started building apps today with Visual Studio 2013 Preview and Windows 8.1 Preview
    That will be fun debugging!!! I mean apps written within a Dev preview on a Dev preview?! LMAO!

    What are these guys smoking...???

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Now all Windows developers have been thrown under the bus
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