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German Government warns of Windows 8

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    German Government warns of Windows 8

    How trustworthy is Microsoft? For the federal and all of the German authorities, businesses and private users who want to continue to work with the Windows operating system, this question is now more than ever. Because sooner or later they would have to use Windows 8 or its successor. From internal documents TIME ONLINE exist, but it is clear that the IT professionals of the federal Windows 8 deem downright dangerous. The operating system contains a back door in their view, can not be closed. This backdoor is called Trusted Computing and could have the effect that Microsoft can control any computer remotely and control. And thus the NSA.
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    A Guy

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    Uh huh.
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    No-no, that can't be true... we were told in another post that Europe loved win8....
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    Don't worry 8.1 is coming ..... my start come s back .... yehh ...
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    If they're going to make such a bold claim, they could at least back it up with detailed information. Maybe it's lost in translation, but I don't understand what they mean by TPM having security implications or a back-door?
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    I don't think it matters if it's true. With all the NSA crap going on, they don't trust MS. I think European countries in general are wary about American spying now. Can't say I blame them. A Guy
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    Yea, because the NSA, and others, can't possibly crack into OSX, Linux, or any other Unix based systems that actually hold the email servers, bank accounts, and defense contractor databases......

    Only Europe. Windows 8 can be accused of being a lot things from a UI perspective, but to imply Microsoft can simply hack into people's desktop, because you know, what else do the highly skilled tech people who get paid well above average have to do with their time, is really dumb.
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    I stay away from Win 8 / 8.1 for other reasons, and my personal security and privacy isn't on the list. Me, I'm just a microscopic fish in a sea as big as the universe. Let the NSA snoop all they want; I have nothing to hide.

    As far as Europe is concerned, its not the citizens who should be worried. Why spy on them? If you want real and useable dirt you spy on the big boys in the government offices.
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    Apparently the German Government have refuted the claims:
    German government refutes Windows 'backdoor' claims | ZDNet
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    Quote Originally Posted by acr731 View Post
    ...Me, I'm just a microscopic fish in a sea as big as the universe. Let the NSA snoop all they want; I have nothing to hide...
    In a big brother society, where all your innermost... whatever - are open to government scrutiny - your "nothing to hide" becomes whatever they want to say you have done - once your data 'paper trail' leads to the dark side, you have no defence against the evidence. There are no fingerprints in cyberspace, unless your opponents want yours to be on something incriminating.

    In Europe, when the "big boys in the government offices" get manipulated by a foreign government - even friendly old Uncle Sam - It certainly is time to get worried!

    However, in general, there is a lot more reaction in the people in the rest of the world - extremes of fascism get replaced by Marxism and vice versa. Pro American feeling generates Islamic anti-western growth in the absence of communism, and Americans get tired of being defeated time and again in idealistic foreign conflicts, which were none of their business in the first place.
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German Government warns of Windows 8
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