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Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    I, in turn, would disagree. If you explore this, and other, forums, you will find it is a very loud minimum of users who complain and, as I said, over two minimal points (Metro and the start screen.)
    You forgot Aero.
    They aren't minimal points to the people who are complaining.

    OTOH, why would people complain about actual improvements?

    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    I agree with the "Much of a muchness" remark. This does support my view that, at least in legacy desktop mode, there is very little to whine about.
    Maybe other people feels the same way (i.e. they aren't "blown away" by those improvements).

    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    " don't complain about them
    Dunno where that first sentence popped in from? Nothing said by me!
    Sorry, that first bit must have been a weird glitch from my post.

    I replaced "I don't complain about them" with "I don't disparage them though".
    I'll fix it (deleted from post #39).

    This forum behaves strangely in FF (on W7 and Linux Mint).
    Sentences appear and disappear at random.

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    Did Bill Gates help push Steve Ballmer out the door?

    Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer may have been joined at the hip for their decades together at Microsoft, but there's some evidence that Gates may have been a key participant in getting Ballmer to resign. Did Gates help show his old friend to the door, or did he remain until the end a big backer of Ballmer?

    No one is certain whether Ballmer jumped or whether he was pushed, but it certainly appears that he was either told to leave, or he saw that he had lost the backing of the board and others, and so decided to leave before he was asked to go.
    But Gates is Microsoft's board chairman and the biggest individual holder of Microsoft stock. If Ballmer was pushed out, even gently, Gates would have had to play a key role. So I think it's likely Gates was at least in part behind Ballmer leaving. If so, it's the best thing he's done for the company in quite a while.
    Did Bill Gates help push Steve Ballmer out the door? | Computerworld Blogs
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    I've been hoping that Bill Gates would have been quietly speaking to Steve for some time now about it being time for him to exit.

    If Mr. Gates is reading this post I'd like to say that I have been a enthusiastic Microsoft user and customer since Windows 3.1 and up to Windows 7 OSs.

    I have no argument with MS attempting to gain market traction in the phone and tablet sectors, however it seems senseless and insulting to your power and productivity users, and yes even MANY folks that just like the traditional desktop UI that MS would force Metro on us and strip an otherwise EXCELLENT core OS (Windows 8) of such useful and INDISPENSABLE features, like default boot to desktop, the traditional start menu/button, local account, and something I can't fathom stripping it of safe booting with F key (critical if the OS has been compromised by a virus or serious errors).

    I hope you will reconsider those features back into Windows 8.1 and giving your loyal customers a reason to reconsider Windows 8.

    Customers are tough, but when mistakes are admitted, and corrections are made we can also be very forgiving.


    A loyal Windows user.
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Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months
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