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Hurry up and wait: Why Microsoft's holding Windows 8.1

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    Noted, thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tews View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tews View Post

    warning   Warning
    Discussion of politics,guns or religion is not allowed.

    Sorry, he mentioned Tea Farty and my eyes ran red with blood.
    That's the reason why these topics are not allowed...
    No offense to anyone, but I expect people who visit this forum to have at least above 4th grade level reading skills. I've clearly explained a couple times that when I say tea party rhetoric it's got nothing to do with politics. It refers to the over-exaggerated statements from misleading to outright lies. You know, the types of over-exaggeration of how bad 8 is as portrayed by h8ters and that 8 is the cause of slumping PC sales even though every evidence out there points to the saturation of the markets and households of tablet devices and previous versions of PC's as the real causes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    One good example of Lemon wold be Ford Edsel, (google it if you are not old enough or don't know much about cars) but Win8 can not be put in the same basket. For one, it works and works good, aside from some people not liking the UI.
    UI is NOT OS.
    The Edsel was a "lemon" because it was the way wrong car at the wrong time and was trying to fit a gap that didn't exist at the time. The 58's were bad because of the teletouch tranny had issues though. They were solid built cars, just not what the public wanted at the time. I have a 1959 and my father inlaw has a total of 7 from 58-60. All run on the original motors and tranny's.

    You could say that W8 is similar in regards to the fact it was the wrong OS at the wrong time. Nothing really wrong with how it runs, but not what people were looking for in a UI, but under the hood it is solid I wouldn't call the Edsel or W8 a lemon though, just the wrong thing at the wrong time. A lemon implies something wrong in how it runs.....


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Hurry up and wait: Why Microsoft's holding Windows 8.1
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