As it has done multiple times in previous months, Microsoft is rolling out new firmware and feature updates for its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices as part of its Patch Tuesday bundle.

The August updates for Surface RT are for Windows RT 8.0 devices. In other words, these are not updates for those running the Windows RT 8.1 preview bits. The RT 8.0 updates include:

A Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware update that optimizes the audio experience at low volumes and removes a perceived pulsing in audio volume for some content
An update to system drivers that enhance stability and reliability

The August updates for Surface Pro also are for those running Windows 8 (and not 8.1 preview). There's just one update this month:

A UEFI and System Aggregator (SAM) firmware update that enhances system stability, reliability, reduces power consumption, and improves touch latency with the touchpad on the Surface Type Cover and Surface Touch Cover
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