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Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

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    Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

    With Windows 8, Microsoft recast Windows as a touchscreen interface, and bet the farm that people would flock to it. Now users have spoken: They hate the devices. New research from IDC shows that as few as 10% of all laptops sold this year will sport a touchscreen.
    A look at the current laptop best-seller list on Amazon bears out that people aren't buying touchscreen laptops. None of the top ten laptops have touchscreens. The top ten include Chromebooks as well as Macs. But if you look at the top ten best-selling Windows notebooks, none have touchscreens, either.

    O'Donnell notes that touchscreen laptops are typically far more expensive than non-touch ones, with prices at $700 to $800, up to double the price of non touchscreen laptops. The problem goes beyond price. He told Computerworld:
    "Touch is just not that compelling for most. There are not that many touch-required apps that people feel they must have."
    As a general rule, apps written for Windows 8 are underpowered compared to desktop apps. In addition, there's a dearth of good Windows 8 apps. Recent research shows that Windows 8 has barely half of the most popular iOS apps.
    Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs | Computerworld Blogs

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    Pretty well what many here have been saying. Great for a tablet not so good on a laptop or desktop.
    I'm personally not interested in having a touch screen on my laptop or desktop PC. I already suffer from chronic neck shoulder and back pain. I don't need to aggravate it by reaching out to gunk up my screen. I'll stick to my trusty trackball and keyboard thank you very much.
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    I'm one of the 10% - I have touchscreen on my Vaio Laptop How do people know whether they like it or not unless they have tried it?
    It seems that many people can be influenced by others who hate Microsoft and put out information about MS products whether that information is true or not. To each his own....I prefer to make my own decisions!
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    I was in my local C*stco store the other day, and the person in the Tech area told me that most all of the younger crowds come in and *touch* the laptop screens. Apparently they want it, or like it. (probably used to it from their phone?!?)
    But the older generation rarely touched the screen. Hmmm.

    I have the Surface Pro, and I have no qualms about touching the screen when using it. But the form factor of the Surface makes it very effortless to do so. On the other hand, my Spousal Unit was against getting a Touch Screen for her desktop. (me too for that matter) Her Reason? "I don't want messy fingerprints on my big screen!"

    Here is one other thing. I was setting up a laptop for a friend, and was showing them how to use it. I was at their side, and at some point I reached over and touched the screen on the selection I wanted them to choose. And nothing happened; it was not a touch screen laptop. HA! So I have unconsciously taught myself to do this, apparently. That and it much simpler to SHOW people how to use Windows 8 when you are 'not behind the keyboard' by reaching across and using the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    How do people know whether they like it or not unless they have tried it?

    By simulation;

    You simply reach out to your non-touch screen and trying to imitate mouse clicks... after a while you realize that you are slower than the finger on your mouse and that the chance to chronic pain is higher that just when moving a finger.

    In other words you get tired fast; imagine playing a shooter or rts game with touch... no thanks, and Angry Birds is not a good example in this case.

    If you do have a touchscreen:
    - how frequent do you use it?
    - what can be done on the pc compared to mouse/keyboard?
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    The laptop that we purchased for my wife on mothers day is a touchscreen. But it's a feature that we don't use really at all. In retrospect, I wouldn't consider the touchscreen a requirement based on how we use it.
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    I just love how these so called "journalists" jump to conclusions.

    So, because only 10% of laptops will have touch, that means users hate touch! Uhhh.. what? How in the heck did you jump to that conclusion?

    The only conclusion that can be drawn is laptop manufacturers don't want to put the added expense of touch into their laptops. You *might* be able to conclude that 90% of users are willing to buy laptops without touch, which means that the feature is not as important as other features to them.

    That does not mean they hate touch, nor does it mean they don't want touch.

    As an example, I've been trying to find a touch enabled laptop that fits my needs. I can't find one. It just doesn't exist. First, you can't find a 17" laptop with touch. So even if i'm willing to go to a 15" laptop, I want a laptop with a TPM chip, which means a business class.. and they don't have touch. Even if I give up the TPM chip, I need a laptop that can take at least 16GB of memory and again.. finding something touch enabled that can do that is almost non-existent.

    The fact is, the OEM's are saying that only a certain kind of laptop should be touch enabled, and it seems that only 10% of the population wants that kind of laptop, whether it has touch or not.
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    Well, I can say conclusively that I don't want touch on my laptop. You could say that "I hate touchscreen" and I would not argue with you.
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    Say no more...

    When Windows 7 came out, offering a touch mode for the first time, I spent a few weeks living with a couple of touch-screen PCs. It was a miserable experience. Part of the problem was that the targetsóbuttons, scroll bars and menus that were originally designed for a tiny arrow cursorówere too small for fat human fingers.
    The other problem was the tingling ache that came from extending my right arm to manipulate that screen for hours, an affliction that has earned the nickname of gorilla arm. Some experts say gorilla arm is what killed touch computing during its first wave in the early 1980s.
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    I've got a 28" desktop monitor at home and will soon be going into the ~30" category (after a few more price drops.) It's easy to see how it takes approximately 1" of movement with my wrist (resting comfortably in a natural position) to move the mouse so that the cursor moves from the bottom left corner of the screen to the top right corner, traversing the full 28" distance. It's something so effortless it can almost be done unconsciously.

    If I was crazy enough to want a 28" touchscreen sans mouse instead, I'd actually have to lift my entire arm to "press" with my finger of choice near the bottom left corner, then retract my hand and move my entire arm the full 28" distance so that the finger of my choice can "press" in the top right corner of my screen. If you think that's making a lot of noise about nothing, just try that little experiment for awhile and you'll be surprised how quickly your "pointing" arm will tire. Imagine having to do that dozens/hundreds of times a day. (Imagine how much time you'd spend just cleaning your monitor & hands even if you didn't poke a hole through the monitor in a raging fit!) Although we all take them for granted, a lot of thought and engineering went into the development of the "ordinary" high-resolution optical mouse.

    I think touch screens are perfect for 5"-6" cell phones, or even for media consumption devices like tablets, because these are portable devices deliberately designed to be small and portable. But for sit-down desktop computers with comfortably large monitors designed primarily for performance, work, and even play, where portability is of no importance at all, touchscreens make no sense. Pure lunacy, imo. I once had a very brief argument with a guy who kept insisting that sitting in front of a large, perpendicular monitor and constantly traversing it with arm/hand to push buttons and gadgets all day would be no different from using a mouse. He tried something like I suggest above and then I never heard from him again on the subject...

    To this day I have no idea what Microsoft was thinking when it decided the next windows UI should be designed around touchscreens even for people who either didn't have, couldn't have, or didn't want touchscreens. Designing a touchscreen UI is OK--what's not OK is trying to force people to use a touch ui whether they like it or not.

    I like Win8x64--and I can even truthfully say I like it better than Win7. But I also have to say it's because of 3rd-party freeware developers that I am able to use Win8x64 in the way that I like--with the Explorer UI, booting to desktop, etc--and not because of Microsoft. I'm aware that Microsoft is correcting some of these incredible mistakes in "8.1", but I'm confident the company will be stubborn enough not to get them all. I want the OS I buy and use to shape itself around me as opposed to me having to conform to some nebulous UI "touch-screenish" aesthetic whether I like it or not. That's something like I'd expect to see from Apple, frankly.
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Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs
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