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Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr00zng View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mcnulty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cr00zng View Post
    The public at large uses touch screen a lot, such as smartphones and tablets, where they do want touch.

    Touch is not mandatory for the Windows 8 desktop, with Windows 8.1 one can boot directly into the desktop. The public at large can keep using the mouse and people who like the touch even on the desktop/laptop can use touch screen. It is a choice that is up to the end user....
    Touch may not be mandatory, but Windows 8 touch UI is.
    How so?

    Let's put aside that I actually like the start screen for opening Windows applications, not apps, applications...

    You can boot to the desktop directly with Windows 8.1, that looks pretty much like W7, sans the start menu. Where's touch UI that you're referring to?
    So except where you encounter it, and in which case you choose to ignore it or happen to like it, there's no trace of it. Ok, I guess you're right then.

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    Okay, the arguments are pretty amusing. Despite the opinions, the market has spoken. Both in Microsoft's most recent business reports, which it is now being sued for because they glossed over the slow sales for so long, and in external sales numbers. In fact, despite the slow PC sales, PC's can still be numbered in the tens to well over 100 million actual PC's sold. Assuming these are the pre-built type PC's, they would ideally all be running Windows 8. Yet, when actual use numbers are reviewed Windows 8 growth is stagnant. This means many PC's are being built with Windows 7, or reverted back.

    Again, at the end of the day it's about what the majority of customers want. You may love the idea of moving your arm all over your desktop screen. You may hate it. You may think tablets are great, or consider them nothing but light weight e-readers that don't need a desktop OS. What the market says though counts, and the market is saying Microsoft's mobility OS, Windows RT, is a non-started, and that folks on traditional platforms are less than inspired to upgrade to Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    I'm one of the 10% - I have touchscreen on my Vaio Laptop How do people know whether they like it or not unless they have tried it?
    It seems that many people can be influenced by others who hate Microsoft and put out information about MS products whether that information is true or not. To each his own....I prefer to make my own decisions!
    I like touch screen on my smartphone but absolutely HATE having to clean it several times/day. I would not want to deal with this on my laptop.
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    Betamax, I still remember how much I paid for that VCR. :-( Then there was the HD or Blu-Ray and I chose HD. Another expensive mistake. :-( I did eventually choose Windows 8 so going by my record it must be doomed. :-( I think 8.1 will be a success, I won't need to choose it. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by alkaufmann View Post
    Betamax, I still remember how much I paid for that VCR. :-( Then there was the HD or Blu-Ray and I chose HD. Another expensive mistake. :-( I did eventually choose Windows 8 so going by my record it must be doomed. :-( I think 8.1 will be a success, I won't need to choose it. :-)

    Technically BetaMax had the superior picture quality over VHS, but lacked the 6 hr record/play time of VHS. BetaMax had 5 hr.

    Sony failed because it didn't make licensing easier and cheaper for other electronics companies to implement, not because of the technical differences. Panasonic willingly licensed their format to many other companies.

    Before Apple and Microsoft came on the scene Sony was the "cool" company, and Panasonic was the "big" company when it came to electronics, each did certain things very well and other less well. Sony = Apple, while Panasonic = Microsoft in my view. Interesting case study here.

    When it comes to touch screens I have nothing against them...when they are utilized in a practical and sensible manner, which means that for phones and tablets that interface is perfect, when it comes to productivity and desktop and laptop PCs it is NOT a reasonable OR practical interface. We are not alone the overwhelming majority of consumers have spoken, they don't want touch on their PC. Period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr00zng View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    At no point have I said that nobody will like them or use them. But if the IDC research is correct they are rejected at large by the users of laptops ... and even more so by desktop computers. Just for the record, how many persons do you know personally that use a touch screen on a laptop or desktop?
    Just for the record....

    Other than you, how many people you know, who don't understand that touch isn't mandatory for Windows 8 desktops and having choices is good?
    It's not about that, but about the fact that touch screen on laptops, let alone desktops, has been flatly rejected en masse ... a fact you repeatedly try to dodge, jusify, or pretend is not happening.

    With Windows 8, Microsoft recast Windows as a touchscreen interface, and bet the farm that people would flock to it. Now users have spoken: They hate the devices. New research from IDC shows that as few as 10% of all laptops sold this year will sport a touchscreen.
    One could be excused for thinking Cr00zng and CountMike are the cheer squad leaders for W8 & touchscreen. Even though the teams down multiple points with 30 seconds remaining on the clock!
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    Ok, ok already, we got it, a lot of people do not like and reject TS, I don't, I like it, I would like to have it please do not ruin it for me and others who think like that. I don't see how's that irrelevant if somebody makes a case for it. There's a lot of jobs that are much more fatiguing by having to hold your hands higher when working. Ever tried to hold your hands up for hours on end by working on things on the ceiling for instance. mechanics working on cars from the pitt or up on the car lift. There's countless examples of work where hands have to be extended in that manner for prolonged amounts of time. I'd say that working on a TS, even in the position not intended for it's use is a child's play comparing to those and alike jobs. And hmmm, Carpal Tunnel is in the wrist, not in the shoulder at least in our poor earthling bodies.
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    @CountMike. But we're not talking about those other jobs. We're talking about desktop and laptop. And no way is holding your hand at arm's length and unsupported and moving around continuously for 4 or 5 hours going to be as easy as your wrists flat on the desk for support using a mouse and keyboard.

    You acknowledged that your friend with carpel tunnel used the mouse wrongly ... so invalid comparison.

    Re carpel tunnel it comes under the generic classification of "entrapment neuropathies" which also occurs in the shoulder, elbows and ankles; although generally referred to when occurring in the wrists. The shoulder specifically has a tunnel through which the muscle on the side of the shoulder passes through the bone to connect to the shoulder blade at the back. See link and attached quote from article:

    Miami Arm & Shoulder Injury Lawyer :: Hand, Wrist, Arm & Shoulder :: Ft. Lauderdale Hand & Wrist Accident Attorney

    Hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder injuries occur every day. Causes of these injuries include repetitive job duties (carpel tunnel syndrome),
    Anyhoo, if you enjoy it go for it. The post stats say most won't, so nothing more to say really, eh? Enjoy your touch screen when you get it!

    And if you're using it on a laptop or desktop, play the game straight, and let us know after 3 - 6 months use, if you still feel the same way; or whether it was just the novelty effect that got your attention. IMHO I think you're missing out on zip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Ok, ok already, we got it,...........

    But you really didn't "get it" the first time, the second time, or even the third time..... because for many posts now you've been dodging the FACTS of the situation. Just like M$ has. All the brow beating and patronizing of customers in the world is NOT going to change the REALITY EVER!.
    M$ needs to stop listening to their overpaid consulting agencies that are simply telling them what they want to hear, not what they NEED to hear...the truth.

    If nothing else it makes M$ look arrogant, obnoxious, blundering, and out of step with potential and loyal customers alike. WHY would ANY company want to do that? It is INSANE!
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    In no way I'm making any apologies for MS. I was never the one to go with the crowd, always bucked the system and was never thinking from the mold, otherwise would not be able to make a lot of innovations that I did most of my life. I do embrace new technologies if it suits me and change whatever I can if it is not exactly to my liking. My cars were always customized and so are my computers and OS too. So, if you think I am supporting touch screen just because MS said so, you are barking up the wrong tree.
    While studying I spent hours on end by the drawing board (time way before Auto cad), also writing on the blackboard and doing a lot of handwriting at the desk and there's nothing wrong with my arms even at my age (65). All those things are much more tiring than working on a TS. Properly positioned any TS can provide enjoyable experience and ease of use for work that suits it.
    Touch screen and like technology is not something brand new. Long time ago there was a light pen for Comodore and Atari computers which was doing essentially same thing. Later there were a lot of touch screens at the entrances of the shopping malls for customers to find information about layout, stores and sales. There used to be some products that when placed on the ordinary monitors could provide touch interface. Admittedly they were pretty crude by today's standards but were usable for what software they had to work on.
    With new stuff coming out like special screen materials and coatings that can all but eliminate fingerprints from the surface, screen holders that keep monitor at proper angle this kind of interface can be quite usable for certain type of work.
    And again, notwithstanding my dislike for large corporations, the fact that MS provided possibility to use TS as primary interface, could be a good thing and in no way they are forcing anybody to use it as they provided even more ways to use traditional human interface to win8.1, with more for instance mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and enhanced console, together with support for other remote control devices. If nothing else there are more possibilities for control than ever before and that can be good thing.
    No, I'm not ignoring the outcry there is because of MS is "Forcing" people to use alternate means of interfacing with computers, I just think that most of them are complaining out of lack of experience with new stuff, knowledge about it or just plain out of defiance.
    Just found another device that could help with TS possibilities :
    Haptix brings 3D multitouch to any surface
    And lets not forget Kinect and stuff.
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