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Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

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    It's been quite 1 year that most are telling this.
    When I tried to explain (to some friends) that Win 8 can be used with a classic keyboard/mouse this was their reaction (I took some pictures)...

    Click image for larger version

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    Same reaction to a touchscreen monitor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    I'm one of the 10% - I have touchscreen on my Vaio Laptop How do people know whether they like it or not unless they have tried it?
    It seems that many people can be influenced by others who hate Microsoft and put out information about MS products whether that information is true or not. To each his own....I prefer to make my own decisions!
    EXACTLY why the market has different models and so fourth. I tend to be a bit of a rebel in terms of going with popular opinio, especially on tech. I really like Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alkaufmann View Post
    Same reaction to a touchscreen monitor!
    I guess so... anyway just in Redmond still believe in Win 8.
    By me, as a Windows user, I say NO to this B/S OS... different OS in different devices, do you hear me Ballmer?
    If this will be the Microsoft future I'll change OS...
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    Picture this:

    Laptops from day one were all touchscreen. Then along comes this new concept of a touch pad and even the ability to hook up an external mouse to your laptop. It would have been an instant hit and virtually rendered touchscreens on laptops obsolete from that point on.
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    I am all for choices too. I did not like Windows 8 until I discovered the Logitech T650 touchpad. For me it sure beats a touchscreen monitor hands down. :-)

    All the other stuff I did not like about Windows 8 has sort of disappeared as I learned where the program I use are hidden or I learned how to put them back on my desktop. I am looking forward to 8.1 and maybe I will even recommend it for our office.
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    If you're an older person like me, I'm sure there are a few of you that hate the thought of using a laptop and having to constantly lift your arm up to the screen to do something. I like my lazy old notebook mouse. Even a touchscreen on a sounds cool, but I can see one arm getting huge from the intense workout.
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    This is the same old fallacy. Touch will never work because your arm will get tired.

    Of course that argument makes sense, if you idiotically believe you will ONLY be using touch on a desktop. Touch will be used in addition to existing inputs of keyboard and mice. It will be used when it's natural to do so, and a mouse will be used when that is natural to do so. And it also makes sense if you idiotically believe that monitors will not become more fluid, allow you to just pick it up and use it as tablet when you want to draw on it, or do something more interactive. (larger screens may fold down to provide a flat drawing surface over the keyboard).

    The fact is, touch (along with pen) changes the way we work with computers, and the computers themselves have to change to adapt to that.

    Arguments about fingerprints are also, likewise, short sighted, because new screen coatings are being developed that are fingerprint resistant.

    Touch (and Pen) is useful, even on desktops, and people will want to do use these technologies. They may not want to use them with existing hardware designs, so the designs will have to adapt to make them work better.

    All these arguments are basically the same as saying "Those new Automobiles will never work, because the roads are full of ruts and too bumpy.. you need a horse to go anywhere real, and finding gasoline is too difficult when you can just get oats and hay out of the field."

    Obviously, those things may have been true at one time, but the world changed to adapt to the new technology. It's also the same reasons people say electric cars will never catch on, or self-driving cars.. And again, the world will change if it wants to use those technologies.
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    Hi there
    There is NO way - unless humans are genetically engineered differently - that when you are in a SEATED position using a 72 inch monitor placed VERTICALLY in front of you on a Desk that you are going to use TOUCH -- even if you have 2 metre long arms -- END OF - NO ARGUMENT - IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    That's not to say Touch devices won't be used - for instance if you are STANDING say at a HUGE electricity supply Grid screen or an Engineering display screen - then touch may well make sense (but you'd have to be STANDING at the screen). Similarly devices placed HORIZONTALLY on a desk could well use touch such as pens etc (like paper pad and pencil). Or even one of these (screen shot below) -- but a classical Monitor placed VERTICALLY on a desk with the user sitting down -- NO WAY.

    If something better than a keyboard and mouse was available for user input then it sure would have been created by now -- and for TEXT entry even a poor "Two fingered" typist can enter text far quicker on a keyboard than using a SCREEN touch based keyboard or any sort of writing device - even pen and paper.

    Any sort of text selection / or data entry positioning is done far easier with a mouse too -- try selecting RANDOM blocks of text with even a laptop touchpad -- a conventional mouse is far superior.

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Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs
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