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Former Employee Says That Microsoft Is No Longer Cool...

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    Hi there
    Every man and his dog usually says after they've left a company that "It's going downhill" or "Fings ain't wot like they used to be". Part time contractors are usually even more cynical -- especially if their contracts don't run to full completion.

    I wouldn't give any credence to an ex employees mutterings --unless they start something better like SAP -- started by a few ex IBM employees -- now probably the BIGGEST software company in the world --especially where big business is concerned.

    So to these ex employees -- prove yourself BETTER than the organisation you've left - or just "SHUT THE F--- UP" -- Do something useful with your lives instead of bad mouthing an employer you've just left -- especially if you can't bring it down.

    Remember also "Smith & Wesson ALWAYS beats 4 aces" when playing this game --and you'd better be the guy holding the Smith & Wesson.


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    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    MS was cool way back in the 90s..when they were small, agile, and had at least one true visionary at the helm, Paul Allen, and one guy who understood the customer, Bill Gates.

    There were and still are some of those remnants at the company but they have been out voted and unfortunately out maneuvered by the bean counters at the company.

    I think it was a real turning point when that large company meeting took place before the release of Windows 8 RTM when about half of the staff walked out of the meeting where all the big wigs were as well. You saw the bean counters triumph over the idea and customer oriented staff.

    Paul Allen....where are you? You NEED to go back and consult with MS.

    VISIONARIES NEEDED at Redmond!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBill View Post
    Speaking as another former softie from the 90's he is spot on. There was a time when innovation was the number one priority of the company, long before the stock price was ever biggest news. Innovation doesn't always mean you are the first to the party, just the best. Unfortunately, as of late Microsoft seems to be late, and showing up wearing plaid shorts, a striped shirt, and has a 400 lb. girlfriend for a date.
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Former Employee Says That Microsoft Is No Longer Cool...
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