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    I know this is off topic, but the idea about selecting something is to redirect focus to the selected item.. so the main menu will "go away"...

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    And the next time you want to choose something, maybe just a few seconds later particularly for Internet shortcuts, you have to drill down all over again if you're using a menu system. It's a lousy interface for frequent access. Acorn recognized this in RISCOS and had right-clicking menu items perform the action but keep the menu open, but it was just a band-aid on bad design.
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    What I always used is Menu bar on top, be it on IE or FF. I imported Favorites from windows and always kept a backup copy of whole folder on HDD and Usb memory sticks used for troubleshooting. That way is easiest to keep track of them, modify them or make own links. Using Plain Old Favorites was much easier to find and organize them. Bookmark tool bar uses to much of the screen and I don't need it to hang on there all the time. POF does not work any more since v22.0 of FF and can't find out why. Since v22 ff did not even import all the items from favorites, in other words they screwed up one of the parts of FF that I liked the most and that worked perfectly before.
    I have only 2 monitors, a 21" 4:3 and a 19" wide screen so the last thing I need is bunch of tool bars hogging the screens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    I have 20 MB of bookmarks (>50,000?) distributed amongst 7 FF profiles.

    That would be a problem for Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar to display the whole thing.

    But anyway, FF allows you to select any bookmark unlike Chrome (weird nightly issue?) where the whole (big) list auto scrolls to bottom and you cannot click in time...
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    I do have dozens of folders and hundreds of sub-folders.
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    My wife hates the Firefox bookmarks arrangement. She wants to be able to see a larger list of bookmarks to select from at any one time.
    I use a free program called Transmute to transfer and copy the Firefox bookmarks to Internet Explorer's Favorites
    folder. Shortcut that folder to the Desktop and once opened she has a full screen of bookmarks to view. Clicking on them opens Firefox (the default browser) to the selected website.
    Crazy I know, but she's happy.
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    With Firefox maximized on my 1680x1050 monitor with a three-row Windows 7 taskbar, I have over 40 Bookmarks visible at all times in my Bookmarks pane and another 25 visible at all times in my Bookmarks toolbar. When I go to my home page, which is the New Tab page, I've got 9 thumbnails of web sites there and could have more if I wanted. Even though my Favorites pane is as wide as possible, the page area is still over 1200 pixels wide, which is wide enough to accommodate basically every web page there is. In fact, it's often wider than necessary, which is the case for this web site.
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    this is the same trouble there are many facing ... though i have not install the ff 23 so can't see whether it is out in this version or still remaining..
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Firefox Makes it Easy to Share Your Favorite Content
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