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One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7

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    One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7

    Windows 8 has often been criticized for the changes it brings to the OS market, especially because it pushes all users towards a touch-based experience, so adoption remains low almost 9 months after launch.

    Statistics provided by Net Applications show that Windows 8 is currently installed on 5.40 percent of computers worldwide, while Windows XP, the ancient operating system that’ll be soon retired, is still powering 37.19 percent of the machines across the globe.

    According to Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott of, there are approximately 88.5 million Windows 8 users out there, based on Microsoft’s estimates that 1.5 billion of the PCs are now running its own operating system.

    The 50-million difference between these two estimates is most likely represented by Windows 8 adopters who decided to go back to Windows 7, Thurrott writes, which means that 1 in 3 users of Microsoft’s new OS downgraded to the previous Windows release.
    One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7

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    I haven't downgraded a PC that shipped with Windows 8, but I have tried 8 on a couple of PC's and rolled them back to Windows 7. I have seen posts where people are looking for help to replace 8 with 7. Here and on 7 Forums. I can't blame them really. If you don't like it you don't like it. Some just get utterly frustrated and raise the white flag.
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    I imagine there are a lot of corporate customers who buy lots of PCs but haven't yet decided to switch their infrastructure to Windows 8.

    But that slow pace of change would be true even if Windows 8 was the most wonderful operating system ever.

    My work laptop is fairly modern (i3 processor), and has a Windows 7 sticker on it. However it's been downgraded to run XP (because that's the corporate standard), even though few would argue against 7 being significantly better than XP.
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    Courage to the one in three users

    And hopefully they all get it running properly...

    Just imagine: One in three users downgrade to Win7 and then again one in three from those (one in three) users get it installed properly.

    Because of UEFI restrictions, BIOS problems + locked settings, boot problems and driver issues...
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    @ Hopachi, if you have something really new it can be a problem. If the manufacturer doesn't offer Windows 7 drivers you'll be hoping everything works and you won't have to go hunting for a driver. And like you said UEFI could be a problem. Not mention the added expense if you don't already have an Extra Windows 7 licence to use. The two laptops I have just recently bought came with 8 core so no downgrade rights from the manufacturer. You need 8 Pro for that. I was thinking I might have to put 7 on my wife's laptop but all she does is Facebook so all she has to do is click the one tile for IE. I replaced the Metro IE tile with a Desktop IE tile and all is good. Her Facebook page is her home page.
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    I personally don't mind 8 My only issue is the poor compatibility with old Wireless security (WEP) and poor driver support for NICs.

    I think MS are stuck in middle because if they didn't have the metro interface people would most likely complain that it's the same as Windows 7 just with more eye candy. Then again I don't think integrating the touch experience was the right way to go about making different

    Just my opinion,
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    Time for a complete change and relax

    I have been using MS since Windows 3.1.

    In the last year, due to the purchase of a new PC, I began using Windows 7 instead of Windows XP which worked fine until the amount of updates brought the PC to it's knees.

    With plenty of hard disk space, I also installed Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Preview in separate partitions to try out.

    With the exception of my Laptop, which I am using to write this thread, I quickly dumped MS in favour of Ubuntu 12.04.

    Works far better than any Windows product ever released.

    When this Laptop is replaced, I will also implement Ubuntu on a new one.

    One happy and contented user.
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    I recently bought a 17" laptop, which came with win8. I didn't switch it out for 7, but like about 50% of other people, I eliminated metro completely, using a third party fix to restore a normal desktop environment.(classic shell in my case)

    In fact, every single person I know personally has done this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    In fact, every single person I know personally has done this.
    Never thought of this. I know personally around 10 people with Windows 8, and all of them use a start menu replacement. I have never personally seen someone successfully function within the stock windows 8 UI. I had one friend, who apparently tried to use Metro, end up taking the computer back because of windows 8. He got a Mac all in one.
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    Microsoft needs two OS' - one for desktops and one for surfaces and phones, similar to Apple. By trying to make them all basically the same they have alienated a lot of the laptop/desktop community. Although surfaces are supposedly the hot thing, there are still many that the desktop/laptop is the PC of choice. Many business' could not properly function with only surface/iPad type units. I have a recording studio and must have a non surface type environment. My recording studio production system is Sonar X2 running on Windows 7 64 bit, however, I have installed it on Win 8 Pro 64 bit for testing and validation (so far everything appears to be working). I have Start8 so I have the conventional desktop.
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One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7
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