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One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7

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    Hi there
    Anybody got a picture of Horses and Stable doors -- try and get this as a huge Cinema size A1 Poster and send to the Marketing group at Ms -- they definitely have got their knickers into a HUGE twist -- seriously big time. !!!!

    Actually apart from the IE11 fiasco W8.1 is quite OK --unlike W8 I'd certainly use W8.1 --I just can't yet because of IE11 -- and for work I have to use IE -- other browsers don't work with the SAP ERP software (SAPGUI) that I need to use. IE11 issue also is restricting the whole XP upgrade -- probably W7 will be chosen --it's stable and predictable even if it's no longer "cutting edge". The advantage with W7 for all the other issues is that IT WORKS !! and for a business that is more important than anything else.

    Why on earth Ms didn't allow IE9/10 also on W8.1 is just BONKERS as I know a lot will NOT upgrade just because of the IE11 issue - and with W8 apparently not getting updates after W8.1 appears (yet more confusion Ms !!) then it's a NO BRAINER for businesses to stay with W7.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I expect classic shell etc have saved 8 from an even worse fate.

    If those 3rd party shell programs didn't exist, the returns of 8 machines would likely be much greater.

    Quote Originally Posted by snoop101 View Post
    Never thought of this. I know personally around 10 people with Windows 8, and all of them use a start menu replacement. I have never personally seen someone successfully function within the stock windows 8 UI. I had one friend, who apparently tried to use Metro, end up taking the computer back because of windows 8. He got a Mac all in one.

    Hi there
    @SIW2 -- your wishes have been answered -- W8 is DEAD and BURIED.

    Windows 8.1 is far better and W8 will STOP receiving updates once W8.1 releases to final --and it IS a FREE update.

    Still some things wrong with it (especially IE11) but it is in BETA and it IS a 1000% improvement on W8 -- even if only for boot direct to desktop.

    W8 probably had the smallest life time of any W8 OS -- even Windows 1.1 or the ill fated Windows/286. Remember that one !!!!.

    Anyway you've got your wish -- now go and have a few beers. !!!

    I am a last-version-junkie and I had to uninstall 8.1 and return to 8.0 because I didn't like some of the changes.

    I didn't notice any improvement at all over 8.0 but those changes that to me were for the worse, and they were so big that made me take the long time to do the change, which is quite long and you don't do it unless something big is bothering you.

    I like W8, I use the Metro Start Menu with conscious choice (I even have Start8 but only to disable the charms, corners and transparency), but I said from Developer Preview that it would be the biggest fiasco ever and would pull Microsoft down to an spiral of diaster, which seem to be happening, and about W8.1 I think that it will not change anything at all the acceptance of the customers. The changes are so minor, ridiculuous and even offensive that I don't see how it will succeed when the main rejection issues are untouched or even made worse.
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One in Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade to Windows 7
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