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Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM – Rumo

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    I can't believe no one in the world has found a trick to force RGB subpixel font rendering in Windows 8/8.1 IE & Metro UI Apps, since Windows 8 was released

    However, many topics report this problem, even on where MVPs are helpless.

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    Why Am I not surprised with that ?


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    force RGB subpixel font rendering
    Yes, on the wish list, an option to tick 'Use RGB subpixel' in display settings.
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    The scaling fix does fix the blurry text issues on my laptop however I'm now getting the font rendering error that happens quite frequently in Firefox and Chrome.

    I got fed up with this issue on my Intel 2nd Generation HD 3000 and took it to Intel forums, hopefully a driver update is coming soon that will fix these issues on the 1st and 2nd Generation Intel IGP's and add to support for WDMM 1.3 to the older IGP's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemix View Post
    Microsoft just needs to work more closely with videocard hardware manufactures to get better/updated drivers specifically optimized for Windows 8.1 on older hardware just like they've been doing with touchpad hardware manufactures.

    The latest Synaptics touchpad driver for Windows 8.1 really works well on my laptop and has better tracking (previously was too fast and jumpy on Windows 8) and Windows 8.1 specific features that works in conjunction with the new kernel.
    My hardware is not exactly old.
    I have exactly the same blurry text problem using both the Intel graphics on my mobo and on my AMD card.
    In addition, I have seen on Microsoft forums examples of users having the blurry text problem on brand new hardware.
    I have also seen the blurry text in IE on new laptops for sale in retail stores.

    This problem has nothing whatsoever to do with old hardware.
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    @ The Doctor

    I believe there's a discussion on the new driver for the 3rd and 4th Generation HD Graphics that fixes the blurry text problem which sounds just about right since Intel has been on a rampage releasing new drivers for the 3rd and 4th Generation IGP's to get it working correctly in Windows 8.1.

    Of course Intel will release a ported version of the newer Generation IGP's updated driver down to the 1st and 2nd Generation IGP's once they've ironed out all the kinks with the 3rd and 4th drivers and feels it's as problem free as possible can under the given time constraint, I just have to be patient.
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    I got a response from Intel support directly and they said they're working on a driver update to fix the problems with Windows 8.1 and add new features to the older 1st and 2nd Gen IGP's, they just don't know the estimate time the driver will be released at the moment.

    Which goes back to my theory that Intel is currently just focusing on their newer line 3rd and 4th Gen IGP's (which makes sense since most of these laptops shipped with Windows 8) and then once they have they driver close enough to perfection for porting to older Gen IGP's they will do so.

    I'm happy will the response and now just patently waiting on a imminent fix from either Intel or Microsoft for my blurry text and font rendering issues with Windows 8.1.

    Quote from Intel support

    Here at Intel we truly appreciate your feedback. Our software support and engineering group is working on future generations of this software that may enhance its compatibility with new operating system platforms such as Windows* 8.1. We cannot provide an estimated time for this to happen, but your feedback for sure is important and will be forwarded to higher levels of support.

    Thank you one more time for your interest in our products and how to improve their range of support.

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    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Blurry Font Issues

    Microsoft recently released the new Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, thus making the latest version of its in-house browser available to more users of the world’s number one operating system.

    While there’s no doubt that IE11 is one of the fastest and most stable IE versions released so far, it continues to have a terrible bug that’s affecting the browsing experience on lots of computers.

    The blurry font issues that have been reported by users ever since Internet Explorer 9 hit the shelves appear to exist in IE11 as well, with some links and parts of text becoming pretty hard to read due to this problem.

    As you can see in the screenshot we attached in this article, the bug only affects Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, as all the other browsers, in this case Mozilla Firefox, seem to render the text correctly.
    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Blurry Font Issues

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    ^^^ No surprise, same as in W8. & no use wasting time expecting anything from MS, they are blind and\or deaf. Solution:
    simply switch to another browser that works better
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    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Calibri
    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Candara
    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Segoe UI
    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Arial
    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Tahoma
    But does this look blurry to anyone - it is a Microsoft font called Verdana

    The only one two that look OK are Tahoma, Verdana, Arial and Segoe UI are almost OK, but Candara and Calibri look most odd - Oh, forgot to say which Browser - Chrome
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Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM – Rumo
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