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Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM Rumo

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerandir92 View Post
    I don't understand what you complain about :P
    Well there's the door, please use it :P
    Try reading small blurry text for more than a ten minutes and you may empathise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matfink View Post
    IE nice and sharp on left, blurry Chrome & steam dlg on right. Attachment 27529
    Interesting, seems 8.1 have fixed IE at the cost of degrading other things. On W8 laptops here (even my brand new Haswell Tosh) it's the opposite, IE suffers while other browsers look razor sharp. Seems MS is experimenting, let's hope they somehow manage to get it right in the end.

    (btw, your attachment disappeared > "Invalid Attachment specified", please repost).

    Edit: added IE10 (left) vs FF (right) screenshot from W8, HP laptop.
    And to the deniers, please, no need to repeat the useless mantras about software rendering, driver update, clear type adjust etc.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ievsff.png  
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    Windows 8.1 is expected to reach the RTM development stage sometime this month, while general availability is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.

    While details on the RTM version are still vague right now, a new rumor spotted on MDL forums indicates that Microsoft might use this build to roll out some essential improvements, including an eagerly-awaited fix for the infamous blurry text bug spotted in both Windows 8 and 8.1.
    Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM

    Funny... I was bashed for bringing this up and told that the problem didn't exist. Hmmmm...

    And they didn't correct the problem either.
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    I have had the blurry text problem ever since Win 8 beta and it is still not fixed in Win 8.1 RTM.

    It is worst in IE11 and Office 2013 and makes both unusable.

    I sure hope the rumors about a fix in the pipeline are true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acr731 View Post
    Funny... I was bashed for bringing this up and told that the problem didn't exist. Hmmmm...
    I'm not surprised.
    Fan boys live in a different dimension to everyone else.

    I don't like the look of the fonts in W8, but I thought that it was just the horrible grey-on-white colour scheme.
    Those screenshots make it clear that something weird is happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ionbasa View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Out of topic:

    This is new that I see, sorry if it's already covered: in my previous post, and noticed with others too, all seems OK if I'm logged in but if I'm logged out I see an extra link to the word drivers that I didn't add.

    Is it the forum's normal thing of advertising so that I should not worry about?
    Same thing happens to me if I am signed out. BTW I am using Chrome Beta when this happens.

    EDIT: I think it only happens if you have Windows 8.1 like both of us do.
    At least I'm not alone on this one.

    For the OS-part, I'm afraid I see it on Win7 and Mac OS X as well, on Chrome beta and Safari. So it's not Win8.1 related.

    Back to topic:
    If I see the blur: I would try different cleartype options, different graphics drivers and/or display icc-profiles.
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    The best way to show blurry texts is to magnify them.
    Click image for larger version

    I am pretty sure that the issue was the same that Win7 had back in the day, make the text larger by using the slider and the text would become blurrier. Larger but not crisp like the native resolution. Today things are looking better but there are still a few cases of blurriness.
    any advice I can give would be to use the slider bar ONLY and avoid using the individual text box to change the font size. If you do change something, rerun the cleartype setting dialogue:
    Click image for larger version
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    Another example with Chrome on top and Firefox on the bottom:

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    Notice the color shift on the letters in the first example of text not lining up with the rest of the letter? That is called blurriness, heh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matfink View Post
    Rumour only.
    Got Win 8.1 here on a new laptop. Native windows GUI and IE are crisp and clear. Everything else is blurry and headache-inducing, especially Chrome
    I haven't seen it, either, fortunately. Firefox text is as clear as it has ever been. I wonder if some folks maybe need to adjust their ClearType?
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    Walt, if ONLY it was just a matter of cleartype. Actually, cleartype is automatically turned on when installing Win 7 and Win8 (or 8.1). All we do these days is fine tune it by picking the right boxes. No, this is a real problem that needs to be fixed by MS. I had zero issues with Win8 and immediately noticed the problem with the install of 8.1. I did a huge amount of fuzting about with cleartype, changing the display sizes, etc, all of the usual fixes. As you can see above, Chrome definitely took a hit as did several other programs.
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Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM Rumo
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