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You have totally missed the point of SIW2's post.
I could easily say the same about you, but I won't get into a tit for tat argument. We're done.

That said, just because I choose not follow the masses doesn't mean I don't get it. It just means I tend to look at things a bit more differently. Everyone has an opinion, and I have mine.

I've been around these forums for a long time - vista, seven, and now eight. Most of the people here know me; and even though we may disagree, I've never made it personal, nor tried disrespecting anyone. As I like to say... we can agree to disagree agreeably and move on.

And for the record, I'm quite aware 8 has some short comings, and agree with some of the stuff said... but not all.

Have a good day.

Yes we'll have to agree to disagree because I stand by my initial statement that your response to SIW2 was totally irrelevant. And that's my last word on the subject.

As for length of membership time in forums, etc, lets stick to the here and now and the matter in question; and forget the trumpet blowing, eh?