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Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirm

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    Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirm

    Microsoft is going to rebrand its cloud storage service, following a settlement with British Sky Broadcasting Group over rights to the 'Sky' name.

    As reported on July 31 by The Verge's Tom Warren, Microsoft has decided not to appeal its recent loss and is going to rebrand SkyDrive instead of fight for the name.

    A joint press release by Microsoft and British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) explained the decision. From that release:

    "According to the settlement, Microsoft will not pursue its planned appeal of this decision and Sky will allow Microsoft to continue using the SkyDrive name for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand. The agreement also contains financial and other terms, the details of which are confidential."

    Microsoft officials are not saying when they plan to rebrand SkyDrive or what the new name for the service will be.

    Update: I guess this means SkyDrive Pro also will be getting a new name, too
    Read more at: Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirmish | ZDNet

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    I have to say that is totally insane! Sky Drive, Sky Dive, Sky whatever. It's a generic term. And Sky Broadcasting is nothing like Sky Drive.

    No, I'm on the side of M$ on that one. It's a crazy world we live in!
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    I always thought this whole patent case was completely stupid. It's the freaking word Sky. If they're going to do that, whatever company put i in front of a product name first should not be able to sue Apple for iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTnes, and iWatch. This is ridiculous. When you think of the word Sky, Skydrive might not be the first thing to come to mind, but it certainly Sky Broadcasting isn't anywhere close. But in the end it won't matter. They could call it Goobly Gook, all people care about is if the service does what they want it to do, no the name.
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    Someone should vomit all over those guys! This is stupid.
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    I must side with Microsoft on this one.This is very stupid................
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    Reminds me of when apple sued a Polish store that specializes in all kinds of breeds of apples.
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    This is so stupid it is like that rebrand of Metro(which quite frankly was horrible) this and metro are one of the few brand names by Microsoft that actually sound nice. They should just let Microsoft keep it look at metro turning into what was it modern? I hope this one isn't Cloud Drive or something. I don't get people that sew over a brand that doesn't have the same name I get if that company was called SkyDrive but it's called Sky Broadcasting or something. Just like that Metro company was Metro something. It's not as if someone was going to confuse the two products. At this rate we will never be able to use simple words with another word. Unless they are exactly the same name I don't get the point in fighting over it. Maybe that Sky broadcasting should focus on their programming or whatever services they offer instead of trying to take a name that isn't even connected to their own brand.
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    Microsoft represents a big pile of cash and I imagine some people will sue over anything to get their hands on some of it. It's probably cheaper to pay off these dunderheads than to continue fighting the legal battle.

    What next, is someone going to want to sue them over the use of "8" in the name of their current OS? See, people could confuse it with the magic toy that resembles a billiard ball and has that number on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodintentions View Post
    Reminds me of when apple sued a Polish store that specializes in all kinds of breeds of apples.
    Yah but that's typical apple behaviour hahaha. This is the reverse, MS is being sooed by a BRITISH company over the word "Sky"

    This is gonna Eff Up my One-Note connections.
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    How Microsoft blundered with the SkyDrive brand

    Computerworld - Microsoft must rename its SkyDrive online storage service after losing a trademark infringement case in a U.K. court.

    Analysts and legal experts said that Microsoft's blunder would cost it dearly, and wondered how the American technology giant could have made such a mistake.
    "It's unbelievable to me that Microsoft did not see this coming," said Peter LaMotte, an analyst with Levick, a Washington, D.C.-based strategic communications consultancy. "They should have seen it coming. And this is not the first time that this has happened to them."
    How Microsoft blundered with the SkyDrive brand - Computerworld
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Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirm
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