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IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7: Enabling Next Gener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfly View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    IE11 can only open 100 tabs max?

    I regularly exceed that in Firefox.
    One of my FF profiles has a session with over 300 tabs.
    LMAO... Wicked!
    It gets "worse" each time I open that profile, because I don't seem to be able to close more tabs, than I open.
    "Ooh this looks interesting ... (click)"

    Actually it is worse than that, because my session manager can remember multiple windows, I have:
    • One window with >300 tabs
    • One with >100 tabs
    • Another with >20 tabs.

    Most of my FF profiles only have sessions with 40 - 50 tabs open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave44 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks View Post
    Microsoft will not be making IE11 available to Windows 8 users because the company is assuming almost all of them will be updating to Windows 8.1.

    I cant update to 8.1 because English(uk) isn't supported yet so looks like ive got to wait
    you can get English uk on the iso files mate

    Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files - Microsoft Windows
    Why would I want to install a iso when microsoft said everybody could upgrade to 8.1 even before the preview got released
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    Hi there
    Again as there is no upgrade to IE11 for W8 and there's as yet no announced version for ENTERPRISE version of W8.1 it looks as if Ms has given up the ghost on making W8 attractive for BUSINESSES. IE11 in development is actually now available too for W7 so that would seem to confirm my suspicions about W8.

    I'm sure if I were an I.T admin for a business even THINKING about upgrading to Windows 8.1 I'd want to have some preview test of the W8.1 Enterprise first - even if only on my own test laptop --- why would I want to migrate to an already out of date W8 when W7 with all its guaranteed support and standard desktop will be available (Enterprise versions too) until 2020.

    Looks like finally "The Desktop still Lives" !!!

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    They should definitely make IE11 available for Win 8 as many may not want to upgrade to Win 8.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brummyfan View Post
    They should definitely make IE11 available for Win 8 as many may not want to upgrade to Win 8.1.
    I for one, will not upgrade to 8.1, it is a mess,
    many of my Metro Apps don't function the same, 1/2 my software won't install(or function), Media Centre is broken, it is uglier, I don't want auto-background updates, I am so angry with Microsuck.

    Whats really stupid, they bring back a psuedo-start button (put all functions on it except access to Legacy aps) WHY?
    WHY is not having the Start menu such a stumbling block with MS? Why is not having a Start menu considered progressive?

    The only reason the don't want access to Legacy Apps, is so you have to purchase Metro Apps, which they get their greedy cut from? PURE GREED.
    Micro$uck not to be trusted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks View Post
    Why haven't they released it for windows 8 yet I cant have 8.1 or ie11
    SO ... Microsoft says we are over qualified if we upgraded from 7 - 8 and don't upgrade to beta 8.1
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IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7: Enabling Next Gener
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