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Will big-screen iPads kill off Microsoft's Surface tablets

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    Will a ipad be useable in a business environment? If it doesn't have MS Office then its not.
    Friday, I drove for 4 hours to my brother's place in Indianapolis. Before I left, I copied the folder of an app I've been working on from my desktop over to my hp envy x2. Anyway, while I was watching my brother's kids while he took his wife out to some event, I used the envy x2 to edit my app, added a feature to it, and published it on the windows store with visual studio 2012. Remember that the envy x2 is an atom tablet.

    Who says windows 8 was useless? I'd like to see people being able to something like that with their ipads or android tablets.

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    Hi there
    A big screen Ipad is only an overblown oversized Mobile phone or a TV set for watching movies.

    Try drawing architectural plans for say a Shopping Mall or a 3-D CAD engineering design on an Ipad -- plus use a spreadsheet to calculate quantities of materials, stresses and loads etc -- and arrange for work schedules so you don't have people hanging around waiting for deliveries during the build etc.

    Ipad's -- BAH Idontwanthem.

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    If this new iPad is not running a full version of OSX, then it won't matter. It's going to be just another iPad.
    I still would not buy one.

    Now, as for RT,, eh, Ok, maybe, but the SurfaceRT is still not all that bad. Just needs apps.
    But steering away from RT in general, as really, it's just not usable, just like an iPad is not usable for much more than checking email and playing fart sounds.

    I still can not understand what people see in a crippled, underpowered, over-sized iPhone that can't make real phone calls
    over a good sized tablet with an i5 processor, 4G of ram, 4000HD graphics, And Full Blown Windows 8 Pro OS?
    For approximately the same price as an iPad.

    With the Surface Pro, you get all the capabilities of a tablet and a laptop.

    I just can not see why this concept is so hard for people to grasp.
    It's not rocket science, it's called common sense, . o 0 O (oh, right, nevermind. )

    The Surface Pro, or other Win8 Pro Tablet/Hybrids really are very functional, and far more functional than any iPad.
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Will big-screen iPads kill off Microsoft's Surface tablets
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