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Microsoft axes Gadgets support in Windows 8

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    I only use 1 gadget and that is the transparent desktop clock which can still be currently used in WDP and looks nicer on the desktop than the Metro UI clock. I think M$ will instead have similar Apps available from the App store and let's hope they are still free.

    I also got lucky and my gadget was still available from the developers website so I still have the gadget available for Vista and Win 7 OS's

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    I liked the side bar in Vista, kept the desktop neat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinbredin View Post
    I liked the side bar in Vista, kept the desktop neat.
    I always thought it made the desktop cluttered, but I guess that's just me...
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    The main advantage of the sidebar is that it is always on top (if you set it that way) and does not interfere with the pages. The best gadget there (at least for me) was the AppLauncher. I could stuff a lot more shortcuts into there than into the W7 taskbar. Without the sidebar, I resorted to toolbars. Toolbars - How to Use in Windows 7 and Vista - Windows 7 Forums
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    I personally never used gadgets or the sidebar so they won't be missed by me.
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    I know this sounds funny, but I was actually using a WP7 rainmeter style for a long time there... That was better than the gadget platform for me.
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    I only ever used clocks to add to a second monitor. I'll miss that. But overall gadgets just never really took off like they should have.

    The majority of them just weren't that great while others were downright crap. Some were great, but there weren't enough of them to ever make the sidebar gadget a wide spread real concern.

    The sidebar also had potential, but that too lacked features and quality. A re-vamped and improved version would probably work very now for the reason John mentioned above (real estate).

    But we're not going to find out since it's dead. Maybe a new dog in the future will take it's place.
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    I've never been too keen on the gadgets, and, in both Vista and W7, I've tended to disable them when installing the OS.
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    The only app that I will miss is my Core Temp app. It works great.
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    Hi there
    The new W8 Metro style apps can serve as gadgets and are IMO a much better method if you like that sort of stuff. It also allows "common" type of display between your desktop and smartphone.

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Microsoft axes Gadgets support in Windows 8
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