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Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft Report

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    Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft Report

    The International Business Times writes that Microsoft might come down to a pretty unexpected solution when it comes to rescuing the company.
    Bill Gates might actually return to the software giant in an attempt to save it on the long term, the source writes, even though no official statements have been provided.
    As far as Steve Ballmer is concerned, the CEO explained in a recent interview with The Seattle Times that a CEO succession is already planned, but he refused to provide more details on the person whos soon going to control Microsoft.
    Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft

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    Could be the best thing that happened...... to me......(2,3,4...)
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    Well, it worked for Apple. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, he brought the company from near bankruptcy to profitability in 2 years.
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    Not clear to me where that rumour came from.

    Maybe the result of Jeff Ubben's activities.
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    Looks like there might be some changes to the M$ board.

    Big change may not be change enough for Microsoft

    As it is, both pieces of news have left Microsoft's future looking more uncertain than ever. Among the few voices arguing for the stock were analysts at UBS and Nomura, who predicted shareholder activists would start agitating for moves that benefit investors. Sure enough, late Friday Reuters reported that Microsoft is talking with one such investor about a board seat. Big changes are only beginning at Microsoft, only now they may start coming from outside the company
    Big change may not be change enough for Microsoft - Fortune Tech
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    Frankly, it couldn't happen to a more arrogant bunch.
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    Truly wanted to say something very nasty, but will hold by tongue. . .which at this point is surely very hard for me to do. . .
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    Gates SHOULD come back to MS. He left his company in the hands of dolts who refuse to listen to what users want, Gates used to accommodate PEOPLE, not TECH - The Tech would be set up to accommodate what people wanted and expected out of it. Now it just seems that MS wants to both fight with and copy Apple all the way down to it's grave.
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    Many of us have been there. No boss is the ultimate authority in business today. There is , according to the size of the organisation, a committee of the top dogs, who regularly consult on policies and procedure. Even this is influenced by how much it will affect the shareholders pockets. They also have there own committees, which have a lot of influence in the overall company procedures. I doubt if Bill had much power to override any of those those decisions, in his final days with MS. Nor will he should he return.
    But the psychological impact will be there. His return as a figurehead could spark more confidence in the company.
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Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft Report
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