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Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft – Report

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    I wish nothing bad for Microsoft,as the bottom line is ,jobs, for the thousands of employes ,people just like us

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    Yes, indeed. I hope Nokia manage as well , and Blackberry too.
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    I've been speaking of this since before the disaster that is called Metro / Windows 8 was RTM. My posts if you look are sprinkled through out the threads here. Can't say I didn't tell you so.

    I don't think Bill Gates should come back alone...he should BEG the REAL MS
    "visionary" Paul Allen to at least come back as a consultant.

    MS needs a real "idea" man to head up the search for new talent that are interested in actually LISTENING and responding to customers.

    Ballmer NEEDS to go, along with a lot of others like him. He may have served a purpose years ago but that time has long since past. The arrogance from these folk towards the customer is simply ASTOUNDING!

    I think Microsoft has to get SMALLER, more nimble, and back to their creative roots along with quicker response to their customers needs and wants. This was what Redmond was in the 90s.

    Anyone else remember when you could call their Redmond HQ directly to get answers to their computer questions by the folks that actually created the software?

    This is with regards to Nokia and RIM (BlackBerry)

    Is it just me or does it seem like the mass media is actively promoting the demise of both companies. I have watched the various business cable networks and network news stories concerning BlackBerry and Nokia and they have an "edge" that seems ANTI both companies. They don't just report the straight facts but ALWAYS add editorial about them as well, while I haven't noticed the same "editorial commentary" about the blasted fruit company and others.
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Bill Gates Might Return to Save Microsoft – Report
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