After last week's rush to decipher the winners and losers in Microsoft's latest reorganization, I've had some time to reread the supporting memos and documents.

CEO Steve Ballmer's reorg memo, especially, is worth a second (or third) look, because it strongly hints at some of the future technologies Microsoft is honing as part of the broader push to morph into a devices and services organization.

One of these new technologies -- InfoNav -- is mentioned plainly by name, but somehow most (if not all) of us Microsoft watchers simply failed to notice it on first pass. Here's what the memo says:

We will provide the tools people need to capture their own data and organize and analyze it in conjunction with the massive amount of data available over the Web. Bing, Excel and our InfoNav innovations are all important here. Decision-making and tasks mean different things in personal versus professional lives, yet they are important in both places.
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