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Developers stand up to keep Microsoft TechNet alive

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    Developers stand up to keep Microsoft TechNet alive

    Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced it was putting the TechNet subscription program out to pasture: Effective Aug. 31, nobody will be able to buy a TechNet subscription, and a year later the infrastructure disappears entirely. Independent IT consultants and developers in particular are screaming bloody murder. Some small-business consultants feel this is just another indication that Microsoft wants to sell directly to small businesses -- Office 365 being exhibit No. 1 -- and they take the demise of TechNet as another blow to the chops.
    Independent IT consultant Cody Skidmore isn't going to take it lying down. He's started a petition on that, respectfully, asks Microsoft to "Continue TechNet or create an affordable alternative to MSDN subscriptions." At this moment, he has a little less than 4,000 signatures, and the number's growing quickly.
    Developers stand up to keep Microsoft TechNet alive | Microsoft windows - InfoWorld

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    I expect they will increase the trial period. MS listens, then responds with something nobody asked for.
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    I've already started buying licenses so they had better not u-turn now.
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    They now have 4043 signatures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    MS listens, then responds with something nobody asked for.
    You mean like a start button that launches Metro rather than behaving like a real, traditional start button?
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    Hi everyone,

    I don't think Microsoft will turn back now in regards of killing/stopping the TechNet Service that we where all used too, wont matter at this time how many people cry or how upset they are over the new Microsoft TechNet Services that will be in full affect in Jan 2015.

    There will be TechNet but not at all the same as it used to be, it will be just a very limited time to use all Microsoft Programs and Apps.

    The Issue will only be for most what will happen on of after Jan 2015 for all the folks who have all ready activated their testing or sampling software or apps after the final cut of date on Jan 2015?

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    They are getting up to 5000 now.

    It is great people get together fior this kind of thing. They might not end up with what they wanted, but it is fantastic to see people making their voices heard.

    It can work, as in the sopa protest. 8 million phone calls did the job.

    If you are not familiar Cory , this is an interesting watch :

    Homeland News
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    If they wanna play hardcore then maybe they forcing devs to use other products? MSDN can only be afforded by corporates anyway... btw I for one have stopped using MSSQL a long time ago....
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Developers stand up to keep Microsoft TechNet alive
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