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Windows 9 Could Kill Metro Completely, Unify Tablet, Mobil

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueMasterFX View Post
    So is Microsoft following Apple's and Google's approach to phones and tablets? Took them long enough. iOS began on a phone, then later it was easily adapted to a tablet. Android began on a phone, then it went onto tablets. For developers, it makes their lives easier since its the same OS and you can code for an app that both runs on a phone and tablet. Then you'll see your app store grow throughout the years.

    I'm not sure what Microsoft was thinking but I believe their original idea was to create Windows 8, and expand it to tablets and later to phones. In other words, they wanted to run a bloated OS on a tablet and on a phone. I guess they like working backwards.

    If you look at the Surface RT 32GB, it already consumes 16GB for Windows. So much for optimizing their own tablet.
    Yes, but the experience on a windows rt tablet is much much much better than any android or iOS device out there.

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    My Mother in law has an old Android and a new one
    These things are garbage.

    The new Win Phones smoke them for ease of use and functionality

    As for anyone screaming at their phones to use the voice commands in public is a moron.
    Just look at what is pop culture these days and that will explain it all.
    When the likes of Honey Boo Boo or some Day Time Big Brother, and other retards like any of the other moronic whole family reality show where you KNOW they aren't acting, it really is them, can get their own show and they are popular enough to have multiple seasons? we have descended into Hell.

    As for Windows, I still contend if they go the way of Apple and Android, they will only be killing themselves.

    And if Ubuntu doesn't pull their heads from their rears, they aren't going to succeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    There's no chance metro will be eliminated. Touch is widespread in new desktop devices like "all-in-ones" and touchscreen pcs. Touch computing is not going to disappear, which means that WinRT is not going to disappear.

    The fact that Windows 7 will still be supported, for at least 7 more years, ... everyone should chill about Win32.
    The typical desktop UI will continue to be needed and widely used since touch is not practical for work.
    Touch may be ok for presentation devices, but for cubicle work, it is not.
    Touch might not be but what about gesture?
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    Yeah, M$ realizes corporates are loathe to move to new OS' unless it's absolutely necessary, this gives them a window of opportunity to focus on the mobile computing market with Win8 and it's inherent Modern UI...however for the home user who detests Modern/Metro they should provide common usability functions.. ie options to enable Start menu and disable Metro..IMHO

    BTW my android fone rocks
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there everyone

    How about a LITTLE bit of realism into this whole Metro and UI nonsense.

    Now I want ANYONE here who has more than say 40 APPS on their mobile phone (doesn't matter if it's Android, Iphone or Windows) to tell me if endless scrolling via the standard smartphone interfaces is easy to use or even a pleasant experience.

    For a FEW apps it's fine -- but I throw this out to people who have at least 40 or more apps on their phones.

    A PC will often have more than 40 applications too.

    'Nuff said I think on this whole Metro piece of B/S.

    "I rest my case M'Lud". Next Case please.!!

    I have 150 apps in my iPhone. I organize them into folders, and then I organize the folders, so I have only three pages of apps. I like that iOS doesn't show apps on one huge scroll, but in pages and folders. Of course I have a Windows 8 Dreamboard theme that shows all of the apps in that one long scroll. Er. I HAD that theme, I deleted it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    My Mother in law has an old Android and a new one
    These things are garbage.

    The new Win Phones smoke them for ease of use and functionality
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    My Mother in law has an old Android and a new one
    These things are garbage.
    They sell a lot. Might be because they are products people want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mick823 View Post
    I don't see a word mentioned about desktop users who don't like 8 or 8.1 in its current format. Microsoft needs to remember who "brung" them to the dance and it wasn't the phone or tablet users.

    If anything is going to KILL Microsoft it is the blinding ARROGANCE of those in charge now.
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    i am fed up with the speculations and rumors about the latest upcoming of its newer version .. are there any concrete things in shape or everything is running on the base of just a hype only..
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    Well, looks like that idea has been squashed and debunked.

    From one of the premier sources of Windows Phone info...

    Windows Phone Design team on 2015 OS redesign rumor: LOL

    By Daniel Rubino, Friday, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Earlier this week, a rumor was started by a certain “journalist” who shall remain unnamed stating that the Windows Phone team was looking to “start over” in 2015, including a re-write of the OS and that they were even considering toying with the Modern look of the UI.
    A few of you tipped us on it, asking us to cover the news but it’s a safe bet that if we don’t re-report something, it’s because we think it’s garbage. Indeed, this “journalist” has been more wrong than right in his ambitious predictions about Microsoft, Nokia and Windows Phone in the past, but other tech sites are addicted to his bold headlines.
    Now, the Windows Phone Design team, responsible for the UI and "theory" behind Windows Phone, has evidently had enough, as they have publicly rebuked the rumor via their Twitter account.
    In a posting, just over an hour ago, the team humorously wrote the following:
    "Scrapping everything and starting over"? Hahaha.
    In a later Tweet, in response to someone jokingly accusing the team of being drunk, they retorted with “nah. The guy who started that rumor is though” and “don't believe everything you read”.

    Indeed, that is very sage advice. Just because something appears on the internet folks, doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it. And if Windows Phone Central is seemingly ignoring a story, it’s probably because we don’t think it’s worth its salt and we have good reason to not run it. That means it doesn’t even register on our “rumor meter”. Such is the case here but it is worth reporting when the team behind our Windows Phone design squashes such a fabrication.
    The fact is, we have no idea what Windows Phone will be like in 2015 and it seems premature to be talking about any overhauls or system-wide changes. We do know that the Windows team is working more closely with the Windows Phone one (for better and worse, friction can happen) but what this results in as a final product, is way too early to say.
    Source: @WPDesign Team; Thanks, willysocks2222, for the tip!

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Windows 9 Could Kill Metro Completely, Unify Tablet, Mobil
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