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What's behind Microsoft's pending reorg?

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    What's behind Microsoft's pending reorg?

    It's no secret at this point that Microsoft is poised to unveil a sweeping cross-company reorg.

    The elements that are unknown about the reorg are still numerous, however. There are conflicting rumors as to when it will be announced and which execs will move into which new roles. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft officials are not commenting at all on what's coming down the pike.

    I've held off on blogging about the reorg, hoping for more concrete and substantial tips. In their absence, I'll share a few things I have heard.

    I'm hearing details of the reorg likely will be public before Microsoft announces its Q4 FY 2013 earnings, which is July 18. Microsoft's annual sales conference, Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX), is July 16-19 this year, so perhaps the Softies will go public with details during that time. I'm hearing Microsoft is unlikely to announce the reorg details next week during its Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston......
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    Steve Ballmer reassigned to customer web conference support.

    Click image for larger version
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    Will Microsoft's restructuring be Ballmer's last stand?

    Steve Ballmer is said to be close to unveiling a major shakeup in Microsoft's organizational structure, to more closely align it with his goal of turning Microsoft into a services and devices company. It's a very big reorganization, the biggest the company has seen in some time. Will it work, or will this be Ballmer's last stand?
    Will Microsoft's restructuring be Ballmer's last stand? | Computerworld Blogs
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    If I were to venture a guess, could be the fact that they are adrift at sea, with no land in sight.

    But that's just this man's opinion.
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    I do believe reorganization can be a good thing, especially since there's a lot of redundant leadership.

    However, some of the decisions don't seem to make sense. Moving Julie Larson-Green to the hardware division seems bizarre. It would be like moving someone from the Xbox division to head up the server division. Shouldn't some knowledge in the field count for something? Her experience is in Windows and software. Now she's in hardware governing the Surface and the Xbox? Does she know anything about the gaming industry? Does she have any contacts? Business is about contacts as well. The people that Don Mattrick negotiated with, he's known them for years.

    I know all these people are highly intelligent and leadership is more about the qualities of leadership than direct technical knowledge, but it's more reassuring to have someone that has direct knowledge of that particular industry.
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    Good Day Folks,

    I was told today from a friend who is a VP in Microsoft Canada, that their will be lots of department changes and lots of staff will be let go before year end...

    It seems that Microsoft will be falling behind with the new Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 troubles they are having, no one is going to touch Windows 8 Enterprise or Windows 8.1 for business, and that's the major problem why all this down sizing and stuff that's currently taking place right at this time within Microsoft Corp. Windows 8 is a problem if Enterprise don't want it or touch it in any way or form, Main Street and Microsoft are fully aware that Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 will be another Right Off for Main Street and Microsoft...

    Plus the other major down turns with their Xbox and Wireless Smartphone Sections are in trouble and sales have really dropped world wide within the gaming world and within the Smartphone world game.

    Microsoft better get their act into play and start to get back the lost talent they had in Design and Engineering before it will be too late for Microsoft to pull up and move forward...

    Their only change is to make sure Windows 9 gets built solid and Microsoft better watch their costs on their software if they want to be around in the next 10 years or so, that's my advise to Microsoft...

    FYI: Yes Microsoft has a large amount of Capital funding to play with but remember Capital Funding also does run out as 1 year clicks by every year and the general base goes to another companies platform and systems in the very near future if Microsoft Corp, don't get it together and turn it around and make it cheaper for the General Users and Enterprise... and I wouldn't be surprised one day down the road we all read Microsoft has applied for bankruptcy protection on front page media news papers.

    What I have seen in the last 3 years from Microsoft is totally nothing positive in regards of their software, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are fully a total right off... and their Office 2010 and Office 2013 is just the same code with a couple a new options and mostly just eye candy in how it looks.

    Microsoft better keep their eyes open with Google with their brand new PC OS's that will be rolling out by the end of this year, and a big time watch at Apple Mac's section in 2014 when Mac starts building Enterprise OS Software for Main Street.
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    Could it be the purpose is to remove the mole inside upper management that is destroying the company?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    Could it be the purpose is to remove the mole inside upper management that is destroying the company?
    Hi Mustang,

    I think there is a lot more then meets the eye, then just a staffing problem I think it more on the sales and capital returns and top it off the new called Windows 8 or so called all service packed up Windows Blue 8.1, Main Street has written off and will be staying with Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows XP as long as possible, and Windows 8 and so called SP1 Windows 8.1 is not an option right across the world markets in regards to Main Street systems across the board...

    This is where most of all the Capital is generated for Microsoft within Main Street, and the support contracts. ( and Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 can and could fall really behind by year end )
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    What's the bet we'll see the sidelining or departure of any who don't support MS' 'new direction' 100%?

    Or, worse, who actually believe in the future of the 'desktop'?

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    Companies reorganize all the time. Apple just got through with a huge reorganization, as have Boeing along with others. But, now here is Microsoft reorganizing and every one is thinking why is it because of Windows 8, maybe, or just maybe Microsoft is looking to the future, and thus moving people into areas that upper management feels will do a better job.

    This is standard practice in the fields of business and industry.
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What's behind Microsoft's pending reorg?
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