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Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad

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    Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad

    Microsoft keeps giving IT hope that Windows can out-tablet the iPad, so why can't it beat the iPad's quality or even security?
    Even though businesspeople love iPads, IT loves Windows, so it keeps hoping Microsoft and its hardware partners will finally deliver a Windows tablet that makes users forget the iPad. Last week, Microsoft pitched the idea that Windows 8.1 will render the unloved Windows 8 lovable, and several consultancies and analyst firms called to tell me they thought Microsoft had a real shot. Many skew their findings to favor Microsoft due to business relationships, both with Microsoft directly and with Microsoft-loving IT clients -- Gartner last week once again showed its dubious judgment when it comes to Windows predictions.
    The bad news: It's thicker, heavier, and slower, and it has half the battery life of an iPad Mini. Its screen is decidedly inferior, with a yellowish cast, a dull appearance, and a limited viewing angle, and its touchscreen needs a heavy touch to respond. Athough there's an SD card for additional storage, its Wi-Fi radio doesn't support faster 5GHz 802.11n networks. Office 2013 and other Desktop apps -- the main attraction of a Windows tablet to business users -- are even harder to use in the 8-inch environment than they are on a full-size Windows tablet. It gets unpleasantly warm on its left side after just a few minutes of use. It feels plasticky and underpowered.
    Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad | Consumerization Of It - InfoWorld
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    And this little tidbit.

    Buying inadequate devices like Acer Iconia or Microsoft's own Surface Pro only lets IT fall further out of touch with the new reality, while wasting money and frustrating buyers. Spend that money on Windows 7 laptops and iPads. Ignore the Windows 8 offerings.
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    Like we have said right from the get go, Windows 8 Pro and this SP1 for Windows 8 Pro that is the so called Windows 8.1 that will be getting dropped in the fall of 2013 is just garbage a waste of time and money for Microsoft Corp.

    Windows 8 Pro is only made for Tablets only, think about folks why have an OS like Windows 8 Pro, with all these very useless apps that hog memory within your hardware???

    Big deal Windows 8 boots faster and shuts down faster, who cares??? I know major Big Business, and Corporations around the world will not be touching this foolish Windows 8 Operating system anytime soon or anytime in the very near future.

    Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows NT, will be around for many years rest assure, before any firm or corporation spends a penny on Windows 8.

    Let be positive and lets all hope Windows 9 will bring a new light into this Operating System game, cuz if Microsoft wants still to be in the game they better turn it around, Cuz Google Corp, is in the works of making and testing some very nice and very stable and very secure Operating systems for Personal and Business environment class of OS's later this year.
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    To me this just isn't news. With the foothold that iPad has on the tablet word it is gong to take something truly special to kick it off the top of the mountain, and at this point it isn't going to be Surface. . .
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    I guess they can't win against iPad and all these fantastic Android tablets. And now they get even more squeezed by the Firefox OS that starts on phones but will probably make it's appearance in the tablet market soon.

    I love my Nexus7 for it's price ($200), the apps, the battery life and the portability. I don't think that the MS sponsored tablets will ever catch up with devices of that kind.
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Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad
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