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Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

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    Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

    Microsoft yesterday released the new Windows 8.1 Preview and even if the update is available as a free download for all Windows 8 users, not everybody can install it.

    For some reason, a number of Windows 8 consumers cannot deploy Windows 8.1 Preview, even though the update shows up in the Store after deploying the original patch.

    We’ve contacted Microsoft for more information on this and it appears that it’s all because of different language packs, so the company recommends users to wait until an official fix is released and only then deploy Windows 8.1 Preview.

    “The base language of your OS (the language chosen during setup) is outside one of the 13 supported languages for Windows 8.1 Preview. Please note that any other language or non-specified version (such as English (United Kingdom) and Portuguese (Portugal)) are not included among the supported languages,” Microsoft explains.
    Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

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    stupid Microsoft again I give up sticking with windows 8 it looks like how can any body not release a English(uk)
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    hahahaha... i spilled all of my apple juice on my keyboard.. win8.1 not available in uk english .... microsoft's trying to be racist... anyways i will wait for the final version of 8.1
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    8 preview

    Got download of 8.1 preview

    I have just got the preview to download. I did this with help of this article in MS forums

    " Hi all, I have a uk surface Rt and I can now get to the store and see the preview but the servers are being hammered at the moment so basically it is saying to come back later when I click download. (well actually says not available right now but sane difference!)

    I added a language by typing language into the search charm and then selecting 'language' I then clicked add language then English then us. I then moved this new language up to my primary language.

    Then save the install file rather than opening it as instructed then:-

    1. Place and rename the MSU file in an easily accessible place, e.g. C:\8preview\preview.msu
    2. open command prompt in administrator mode by typing cmd into the search charm then right clicking and selecting 'run as administrator'
    3. Type: Expand –F:* c:\8preview\preview.msu C:\8preview\
    4. Type: DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\8preview\

    Watch the spaces in the last point before the forward slashes, if it comes up with an error then you have probably typed it wrong so double check.

    This then installed and restarted and .....voila it is now in the windows store and its just time to play the waiting game!!

    If the text shows as gibberish in the store you have not moved the en-us language up to the top, another restart may be needed at this point

    (credit to Naeem Chudawala who posted a version of the above elsewhere that I have modified)"

    This article has got me to download stage and was very useful , many thanks to original poster and person who modified it.
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    8 preview

    Did I speak to soon
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    I don't seem to have any trouble with it

    Just install the US version and select UK keyboard / input and continue

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    Language pack isn't the only reason a lot of computers can't install the update.

    The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

    Please note: Some tablets and PCs running newer 32-bit Atom processors require updates to their graphics drivers before they can run the Windows 8.1 Preview. Those tablets and PCs include the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, ASUS VivoTab TF810C, HP Envy X2, HP ElitePad 900, Samsung ATIV Smart PC, and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab. We are working closely with Intel and OEM partners to deliver updated drivers that will allow you to install the Windows 8.1 Preview as soon as possible.
    This sucks, because I really wanted to try this on my envy x2.

    I've published 1 app and is scheduled to publish 2 more that I've been working on may be at the end of this week or next week. I've coded all of these apps and compiled them using only the envy x2... I ain't got no desktop right now. Ordered some parts to build an i7 desktop computer, though. Those parts will arrive tomorrow.
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    I am running English United States, on an AMD quad core, fairly beefed up System, and it will not let me update. Bummer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gary1193 View Post
    Did I speak to soon
    I think so. It seems that "fix" just gets you to the download stage and then fails with the not available message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salim96 View Post
    ... anyways i will wait for the final version of 8.1

    I wouldn't even bother if I were you. Microsoft did very little to address the main issues customers were complaining about. For example there's the "Start" button. You boot into Windows and are taken the stupid tiles. Click on "desktop" and you will see a start button in the normal place. But here's the shocker.... click on the start button and what happens? It takes you back to the tiles that practically no one likes.

    WTF Microsoft??!!??

    Win 8.1 spent a total of 10 minutes of uptime before I restored my Win 7 image. I really wonder if Microsoft did that on purpose just to tick off the people begging for the return of the start button and start menu. What a way to give your potential customers the finger.
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Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers
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