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Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

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    windows 7 home premium 64bit

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    I don't seem to have any trouble with it

    Just install the US version and select UK keyboard / input and continue


    OK, so maybe I am a stupid American, but it wouldn't seem all that difficult for me to use a UK English version of windows. Maybe I should try it?

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    windows 7 home premium 64bit

    OK, I did that, and the date and time are kinda funny, but other that that it seems pretty much the same...
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    I've just come back to my UK English PC and it offered me 8.1 when I logged in, it's now gone to the store and is downloading.............I'm off to bed now so I wont know if it does the update for UK until tomorrow but it does look promising.
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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Anyone who has tried to install the 8.1 update experiencing any problems downloading large files (corrupt .zips, etc)?
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    64-bit Windows 10

    It's official now. Windows 8.1 Preview is now available for English (UK) from the Store and ISO file.

    Windows 8.1 Preview Now Available in English (UK)
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    Why should I have to use a work around!

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    You dont.
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    Windows 8 Build RP B8400

    Brummyfan link worked for me (installing Windows 8.1)

    Thanks very much for your link to my question.

    I followed the instructions provided in options two and now I am happily using Windows 8.1 preview.

    I find 8.1 very easy to use, bulk apps downloads via the apps page works a treat.

    Once again to all those who offered their assistance .

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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Quote Originally Posted by Tully View Post
    Why should I have to use a work around!

    There's nothing new about, or wrong with, using workarounds.

    I've been using them since 3.1 to get around things I don't like, or to get added functionality.

    Same with 3rd-party add-ons.

    I can't understand why it's suddenly such a big deal now with Win 8/8.1

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    I am praying my tech can fix my Windows 7 version...because the computer I bought with
    Windows 8 I am returning tomorrow. 8 might be fine for a pad and those who play games,
    listen to music, etc., etc. but if you want to WORK with it, forget it.
    Again, praying my old computer w/version 7 (XP was my favorite by far) is salvageable.
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Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers
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