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Xbox One Drops 24 hour check in and game sharing will work

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    LOL. It is quite a funny idea.

    You start playing your game with a distant friend.

    After a while, it stops and demands money from your friend so he can continue playing.

    That is ransomware.

    MS may be very manipulative, but I don't think they would do anything so obviously despicable. ( OK there is the start button ambush they are planning ).

    Let's see if MS deny it. I think they will have to now the story is out there.

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    there was a lot in that document that indicated it was a fake document. but no point in going over it because any plan died.

    here's another problem going back to the the 360 way of doing things... I know siw2 won't know because he doesn't game. like the smart game matching. the advantage of the new system is you no longer have to wait in a lobby for people to play with or against. great for old games that are not popular (like try waiting to play Scene It on the 360 for a random person to play it, you could be waiting half an hour! and while you're waiting, you can't do anything but chat with your friends or play a game on your PC). with the new system, you just load the game, tell it you want to play a certain type of game (what game type, dlc, etc.) and then switch to other games that you play and let it find the match for you and then switch back when it's ready. super easy if all the games are on your hard drive and no discs. if you could queue up multiple lobbies and just jump from game to game to game to play, that'd be fantastic.

    but now, are you supposed to stick in game A, load it up, set up the game matching. quit out, stick in disc for game B. go play that. it tells you in 5 minutes or whatever that it's ready. so you have to swap discs and load the game. I'm sure they're still having the games on the HDD but the whole disc swapping puts a damper on the system and moving freely from game to game to game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    'Heartbroken MS employee' upset over Xbox One changes

    A person claiming to be part of the Xbox One team expresses dismay over Microsoft's backtracking on the always-connected requirement and used game sales.
    A comment on this story.

    Family Sharing is a load of bull. It is actually just a timed demo of the game that you can let your family members play for 45 mins IF you buy the full game. They are then required to purchase the game to continue playing afterwards. Microsoft gave people the impression they could just share the game so long as not more than 2 users were using it at the same time.
    Sony has been offering free hour long demos of full games through their PS+ service and you don't need a family member to purchase the game to try the demo. It baffles me that MS can tout this as a feature.
    More deception from Microsoft. I don't trust that they won't 'flip the DRM switch' back on a year down the line.
    'Heartbroken MS employee' upset over Xbox One changes | Microsoft - CNET News

    I know you like to take every opportunity to help the media spread FUD, but at least provide the updates as well:

    "Update: Microsoft's Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg has called the anonymous engineer's statements on Family Sharing "confusing and not true." In a Twitter conversation, Greenberg notes that "there was no time limit" for the feature, adding that it worked "as we described." He continues to note that the Xbox team plans on "investing in more digital features over time."
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    But having to have it for single player games was irritating, but because I didn't have internet...but in the event that maybe I was moving, or switching ISP's, or my router was down, or any other number of reasons I might go without Internet for a few days, I wouldn't want to not be able to play ANYTHING at all. I can understand not having multiplayer, but not having access to single player mode either is just too much to ask, as far as I am concerned.
    These issues that you bring up aren't everyday occurrences, I'm sure for the odd times it happens you can find other things to keep you entertained. I hope that when people start getting comfortable with Xbox One that they'll start to bring these features back.
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    It's really not a '360' way of doing things. Not every country in the world has the internet or a stable network and there's no way the game sharing would have been as generous as was initially assumed. The only thing I dislike about the changes is that I can't register a game and play it without the disc, I'm really an expert at misplacing their cases. But with PC gaming, the price for disc-less playing has been the utter DRM saturation of the platform.

    At least this means I can stay with the XBOX series rather than emigrate to the Playstation. When I connect to the internet, it's by piggybacking off a friend's Wi-Fi or using my mobile internet broadband stick via a computer, an Ethernet cable and net sharing with my 360. It's not a simple process and affordable internet (in terms of bandwidth and price) is not the most reliable service- even people on Telstra in Australia have dropouts in areas. The bottom line is your console shouldn't become a brick when you can't connect once a day and people need to stop being conned by the whole archaic physical media shtick.

    The only reason companies want to transition people over to digital media is to erode their purchase rights- just look at the Adobe Creative Cloud and even Microsoft Office. You don't get nickel and dimed overnight, it's been happening gradually. So really, what happened with the XBOX One was a reaction that slowed down you losing rights over the media you purchase. I don't buy second hand games but I recognize they play a vital component in reducing the price of games as they age- if the videogame industry depended on forcing people to buy first hand or not at all, it'd kill it out of the chain reaction when people don't buy new games that they just want to play once or are unsure of.

    At the end of the day, the campaign against the second hand games is just another crazy case of the developers and Microsoft to a lesser degree, feeling they'd get more money if everyone bought brand new even though it backfired. It is funny that EA just scrapped online passes- I hope it was in anticipation of getting their fingers in another brand-new-or-no-gaming-for-you pie.
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Xbox One Drops 24 hour check in and game sharing will work
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