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Apple, Microsoft, big tech push UI changes: Whining is...

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    Apple, Microsoft, big tech push UI changes: Whining is...

    Apple's iOS 7 is either a sweet-looking mobile operating system that will drive iPhone and iPad demand in the future, or an effort that borrows design cues from rival platforms and will confuse people. The only certainty is that technology companies are increasingly putting themselves at risk of consumer blowback by making changes to user interfaces.

    • Windows 8 was a dramatic user interface departure, as was Windows Phone. The design revolution from Microsoft, which should at the very least get credit for being ballsy, didn't pay off in PC or tablet sales. Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button and refines the effort. Debate: Can Windows 8.1 re-start Windows 8? | A closer look at what's new in Windows 8.1
    • Google has stepped up its Android user interface game in recent years. CEO Larry Page often uses words like "smooth" and "beautiful" to talk up new user design features. Android has market share, but wouldn't be called an elegant operating system by many. However, items like Google Now, its personal assistant, show strong design and user experience chops.
    • Apple's iOS 7 takes a few design cues from Android and Windows Phone. Apple didn't rip anyone off, but its approach certainly rhymes with other mobile platforms out there. Some folks like Joshua Topolsky find it confusing. Also: Apple's iOS 7: Plenty to spur an upgrade cycle
    • BlackBerry 10 gave life to the BlackBerry franchise. There were some innovative tweaks included, but some of the BlackBerry faithful had to learn new OS tricks. Also: Two-thirds of BlackBerry converts tempted to return by Q10.

    Apple, Microsoft, big tech push UI changes: Whining is futile | ZDNet

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    That's interesting. It would be good if Blackberry can make it as a viable player.

    Two-thirds of BlackBerry converts tempted to return by Q10 | ZDNet
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Apple, Microsoft, big tech push UI changes: Whining is...
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