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Windows 8.1, Microsoft aiming squarely at mobile devices

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    Windows 8.1, Microsoft aiming squarely at mobile devices

    Don't obsess over the Start button. In a world where desktop PCs are becoming dinosaurs, the real goal of Windows 8.1 is to get Microsoft's operating system onto mobile devices.

    If you want a graphic explanation of why Microsoft has focused on mobile devices with Windows 8.1, just study this chart for a while.

    The underlying data, gathered by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in a series of studies, shows the percentage of U.S. adults (18 years and older) who own one of five different device types.

    Four of those five lines are trending up. It's no accident that those four lines represent mobile devices, while the one line trending sharply down represents the decidedly non-mobile desktop PC. That's the world that Windows 8.1 is going to encounter when it's released later this year (a preview version is due in two weeks).

    We are at the very beginning of a revolution in computing. That revolution involves a profound transformation of what we think of as a PC. It's already odd to think you would use just one device in one location to create content, communicate and share with other people, and entertain yourself with music and movies. In a few years that notion will feel as old-fashioned as rotary phones and square TVs, and you’ll judge devices by how well they work together.

    So how did we get here?

    Read more at: With Windows 8.1, Microsoft is aiming squarely at mobile devices | ZDNet

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    Sounds like a typical response from someone who doesn't work with computers for a living. The desktop PC will be alive and kicking for many, many more years. It's a shame that Microsoft forgot that...
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    Just what is it with some of these people?

    I've never begrudged them their right to use toys instead of computers if they wish.

    So why are they so intent on tearing my laptop (which can run rings round any tablet, and will do so for years yet) from my grasp and turfing it onto the scrap-heap?

    Could it be that they are both fearful and jealous of those with the skills to actually use a computer to compute, rather than absorb content (which requires no computer literacy or skill at all)? The old 'I can't use it, so I'll make certain you can't either' syndrome?

    Or is the over-arching plan to eventually prevent anyone from actually computing, but only be able to consume, not create? To basically take away the ability to compute independently of big companies and this blasted 'cloud'?

    Either way, I'll fight to the death against it.

    This push by some to get rid of the traditional desktop/laptop is not only short-sighted and naive, but is also incredibly stupid.

    Consuming content on a tablet or phone is not computing. And it never will be.

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    Hi there
    Think of it like this

    Tablets are for CONSUMERS of services and Content
    PC's are for CREATORS of services and content.

    So Tablets are essentially PASSIVE devices for "Couch Potatoes" etc, whilst Computers are ACTIVE devices for the far more interesting economically active ENTREPRENEURS.

    (Some exception but the grouping is essentially correct).

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Windows 8.1, Microsoft aiming squarely at mobile devices
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