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Microsoft tries to block Linux off Windows 8 PCs

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    I believe the only entity MS is trying to "secure" here is MS. Secure boot seems to be aimed at pirates, locking down the boot path will put a certain and certainly very popular method of piracy out of action (at least temporarily). Linux is not big enough for MS to be tackled in this manner IMO though it may be a collateral victim in the piracy fight.

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    An anti-piracy mechanism makes more sense to me. I doubt Microsoft is operating under any kind of "desperation". The depth of their technology and the massiveness of the Windows ecosystem makes it pretty certain that they're going to be around for quite awhile. Oh the growth of the corporation may flatten a little bit. This is often the case with huge corporations. Linux just doesn't have the clout to drive Microsoft into desperation on any front, as much as the "open source" folks would like people to think.

    I have absolutely no concern over whether the Microsoft platform will exist, and be prevalent going foward. I've made a living writing to their platforms since they have existed. My main challenge now is just keeping up with a small part of what they've got going.

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    At first glance, Microsoft’s decision to go with UEFI instead of BIOS seemed like a decent security-minded step. Microsoft plans on requiring that all PCs shipping with Windows 8 implement the secure boot option included in recent UEFI specifications. That’s good, right? It stops malware from playing around with the boot path and disabling antivirus programs! The smiles faded into looks of concern when it was pointed out that a PC with OEM and Microsoft secure boot keys couldn’t launch Linux distros. The ‘Net raged, and yesterday, Microsoft responded to the allegation.
    Read more at: Maximum PC | Microsoft Responds To Windows 8/Linux Secure Boot Concerns, Fails To Alleviate Said Concerns
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    This was fake news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toshio View Post
    This was fake news.
    What part the virtual disabling of non sanctioned software and potentially hardware?


    Microsoft's denial

    Regardless it cinches the decision on my next build to be based around the Z68 chip set "just to be safe" As when it ages I usually turn old hardware into a Nix server for media files etc..
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    Hi there
    I'm sure this might run foul of the EU Anti competition or Monopoly legislation.
    If you remember how much irritation was caused by the "Browser" wars then this "restricted" boot won't last 5 minutes.

    MS can of course write OS's however they want but they have no authority to actually interfere with the PC hardware.

    In any case Virtualisation is big business now so would MS really prevent their OS being run as a VM.

    Note that in real life more and more Servers are always run as Virtual Machines -- MS is surely aware of this.

    Sounds like another of those rubbish Gartner Predictions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    MS can of course write OS's however they want but they have no authority to actually interfere with the PC hardware.
    Well see, of course they can't interfere with the hardware... that's why they get OEM's and other manufacturers to sign agreements and partnerships. That gives Microsoft the secure UEFI boot they need, and guarantees the manufacturer operating system exclusivity. It's a win-win in their eyes, but a loss for the customer.
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    hmmmmmm...Seems to me, that you in the Linux fanclub are back peddling!
    Could it be from your own knowledge that Windows has already crushed other
    competitors? Like IBM's O/S2 Warp, Apple O/S eh? From what I can see, even
    the Linux camp itself is divided unto it's own self - How many different distribs
    are there currently? And NOW even in Windows 8 DP, you can run Redhat's RPM
    packages, as well as Debian packages. Seriously now wouldn't you rather play
    Stickman Sam 4 with a high level Windows ONLY videocard hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    I'm sure sooner or later that the Linux camp will have drivers ready to match the current
    crop of high level video cards. BUT heck by then there will be a new generation of video cards
    out that are even better than those. I even see Ubuntu faltering, and being more Windows
    eco friendly. To be honest Linux camp I suggest that you JUST pack it in, and join Bill's Windows
    world. Windows - WHERE you WANT to BE! *edit* I did fight the good fight back in the day!
    In the O/S2 Warp camp, BUT we knew we were beaten, and took our lumps.
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    Well we all know the answer to this. Simply boycott 8 until they remove that feature. None of us actually need 8 when 7 functions so well. Holding out on 8 until they get their act together would be a wise decision and would basically strong arm them into listening to consumers. If the enthusiast community alone would do this much it would be enough I am sure.
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Microsoft tries to block Linux off Windows 8 PCs
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