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The world is not flat: Apple unveils 'fresh, light' iOS 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    That was a rhetorical question.

    It was in response to pparks earlier:


    Why would anyone need a 41Megapixel camera in a damn cell phone. Are you going to use it to print out a 800x1000 image to replace the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
    Using the phone camera is convenient. Higher resolution just makes it a lot better looking when you scale it down or crop it down to size, assuming the sensor and lens can make decent use of those higher megapixels anyways. Though, nothing beats a DSLR. But it's much easier to pocket out a phone to snap a pic than lug around a giant camera everywhere you go. The better quality a phone can put out, the less uneasy you feel about having to resort to it.

    What's all this have to do with the fact that every OS is trending towards flat and ugly UI? My ability to ever see pretty interfaces is at stake here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    Why would ANYONE need to be installing different platforms, on a PHONE, to begin with?
    Well, I dunno - I got Dos 6.2.2/Windows 3.1 running on my iPhone. The reason anyone does it, is just to DO it, because despite what the device manufacturer says cannot happen- CAN happen. Because they are lying through their sinkholes. So the challenge is... HOW to implement what you want. Without this kind of innovative thinking, Jailbreaking and Rooting would never have happened. Why leave a device "as-is" when you can make it do SO much more?
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The world is not flat: Apple unveils 'fresh, light' iOS 7
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