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Windows Videos: First look at Windows 8.1

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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Windows Videos: First look at Windows 8.1

    I like especially the enhanced search function .

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    North Yorkshire
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    Thanks for that Kari, looks quite promising. Hopefully the additional improvements hinted at will be equally useful. It's each to his or her own they say but I've found the New Start Page far more useful and pliable than the 'old Start Button' and if the re-intro of the Start Button just takes you to the Start Page then I don't see the point. By the way I do NOT have a touch screen but I have no trouble using Mouse & Keyboard. Personally I find Windows 8 excellent; more stable and flexible than Windows 7. I do believe it was Brink that advised that you spend sometime arranging your Start Page before venturing further with the then new W8. I did this and never looked back. So come on, give it a fair trial and stop knocking it just because it's changed.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Yes thanks for sharing that video. I liked what I saw. I'm looking forward to giving it a run when it becomes officially available.
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    Great video. Looking forward to 8.1.
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    looks very good cant wait to it official release
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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Hi there
    Enhanced search also available in "Leaked builds" so it's good to see this now as an official feature.

    Hopefully we'll see the new proper release out on TechNet with a few days.

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    Dat search!! Wow!

    I'm going to say the 50/50 app snap with active readjust, better Start customizing, Bing Search, and the tile sizes are my favorites of Windows 8.1. Wow, that is freaking cool.

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    Being able to resize Metro apps and run more than 2 makes these things far more usable.
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    I will chime in here as well. So far, 8.1 looks very promising! I also noticed that some of the icons that look generic and not so good now, like word and powerpoint, seemed to be bigger and easier to find, which for me stands to make the start screen a lot more use-able. So far, I have really disliked how all non Windows 8 and store apps all we have are basic, difficult to find box with tiny icon in the corner, icons. Improving that single feature will help me out a lot, if they truly did. The rest of the features look good as well. Fingers crossed on this one!
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    anyone with a touchscreen can verify the behavior at 1:20? currently in windows 8, you can do a miniswipe downward on the tile to select it rather than having to do a hold and wait. is the hold and wait replacing the miniswipe or is it an additional way of doing things?

    the hold/wait has always been a feature that I've hated whether it was in older systems or in iOS or Android.
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Windows Videos: First look at Windows 8.1
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