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Microsoft should stick to its guns...

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    Microsoft should stick to its guns...

    Microsoft should stick to its guns and keep the Start button gone

    Microsoft has shown some screenshots of some of the user interface improvements and alterations it's going to deliver in Windows 8.1 later this year.

    These include more personalization, a Settings app that doesn't force you to use the Control Panel, richer multitasking with more apps visible on-screen, multimonitor support for Metro apps, and unified search.

    Also being brought back: the Start button. When running desktop applications—but not Metro applications—a Start button with a Windows logo will be on the taskbar and when clicked it will take you to the Start screen.

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    I'm fine with the BUTTON piece of the UI, if that is for sure what is replacing what is the current Start thumbnail in Windows 8. I never really found that thumbnail, when you reveal the hot corner with the mouse pointer, to be a particularly pretty piece of UI. It should have been the Start button that was officially moved to the Charms bar to keep consistency there. A screenshot somewhere revealed just that, the Start icon with the word "Start" alongside it. Perfect!

    But thinking about it, it's understandable WHY they did a thumbnail considering if one were to use touch as main input, the Charms bar is what you'll be opening to hit Start all the time. Unless if one were using a mouse, one would probably prefer the Start button to be on the Taskbar of the Desktop all the time. The thing is though, there will be TWO Start icons visible theoretically. I know for myself with a Touch Mouse, I can reveal the Charms bar, and have two Start icons showing. That seems almost odd.

    Wonder if that is an option to leave there or to take out...
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    Tablets have a dedicated physical Windows key anyway that does what the Start charm does. I'm not sure how many people would use it over touch though. I used the Windows key a lot when I had 8 on my desktop PC. On my laptop I end up using the touch pad to go to the hot corner. Having one on the taskbar might actually make things easier. No more hide and seek.
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    I don't need no stinking start button on my task bar. I like clean. I don't want to see any more than I have to. I like the fact that its hidden, but I guess most people don't. I hope there's an option to delete it from the taskbar.

    I, too, use the Windows key a lot, but then again I'm all keyboard. I dislike the mouse. My hands are on the keyboard. A waste of motion and time reaching for it IMO. The necessary evil to me.

    Lol! I wish we could have a race in navigation using different techniques. I would have to say touch would win hands down. (No pun intended) I would guess the keyboard would be second until it came to a browser. That's where I have to reach for the mouse. Hardly any keyboard navigation in a browser. One could tab forever!
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    Yes I would like to see M$ stick to its guns. It will be a first for me to see a big company fail because they did not listen to it customers. We missed a chance when Coke backed down now we have another chance to witness it in real time. Of course that is if the first rule of business is that the customer is King.
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    I don't need no stinking start button on my task bar
    You're a Luddite. It is the future. You MUST get with the program - don't hold everyone else back. People like you should be forcibly dragged into the 18th century .... and other similar drivel.

    Just kidding, I am sure you will be able to hide it.

    Those are the kind of insane rants thrown at anyone who dared to say they didn't want the stinking start screen, or pearl necklace - or whatever that thing on the right of the screen is called.
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    Weird situation. MS gave the impression to the press they were considering the desktop users, responding to feedback, Ian Moulster said he was changing his pitch, etc. Naturally, the press reported it as U turn, etc.

    That isn't what MS are doing.

    This is what MS should have done from the beginning. Too risky to allow choice - the users would likely have rejected metro ( except for the occasional dip for one or two apps ).

    Instead of trying to force it, they should have pushed it through in disguise - by stealth. That is what they are trying now.

    It might work. If there is a noticeable pick up in sales, that could indicate it has been successful.
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    Will I have TWO start buttons when I install Start 8?
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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    Will I have TWO start buttons when I install Start 8?
    I am sure the start button replacement people will fix it for you.

    This is a hard case article if you read the comments on the bottom. There is over 500 of them and it is a struggle to find any that agree with him.
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Microsoft should stick to its guns...
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