Windows 8 has largely been a no-show in the enterprise beyond pilots and limited rollouts.
According to data from SysAid Technologies, which provides IT service management software, 0.53 percent of its enterprise customers are running Windows 8 through April. Six months after the launch of Windows 7, SysAid saw 11.3 percent running that operating system. SysAid's data is based on 2,000 organizations globally.

The reality is that Windows 8 may never garner enterprise interest. Among the moving parts:

  • Companies have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and the enterprise upgrade cycle to that OS is still going.
  • Windows 8 is a different animal and unless your company is looking to standardize PCs and tablets on one platform the value is questionable.
  • Cloud computing negates the OS to a large degree since many corporate applications such as, Workday and increasingly SAP and Oracle are accessed via a browser.
  • When you consider that some companies inexplicably are running on Windows XP the next stop for enterprises may be Windows 9 or Windows 10.
  • Bring your own device policies has diversified the OS base in companies so uber Windows upgrades may become less important.
Will Windows 8 garner any enterprise traction? | ZDNet