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Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with fingerprint

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    Shoot, cue the jokes of being able to secure CERTAIN FOLDERS with CERTAIN content that you may or may not want other people viewing.... via fingerprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Interesting you mention that, as Microsoft is working with Fingerprint Cards (company that OBVIOUSLY does something with fingerprints) to produce high quality scanners that make sure your finger is alive and working.
    I don't think it is because of that. I think it is more because using fingerprints is pretty insecure. You leave your prints all over the place and it can be easy to lift them with a bit of powder and sellotape. The main issue is to make sure that the finger is a real finger, not a copy, and to make sure it is not something stuck over a real finger with a fake fingerprint on it (just like mission impossible the TV show in the 60's). Here are some examples of fingerprint readers being fooled.

    Doctors used silicone fingers to fool fingerprint scanner

    Fingerprint Scanners Are Unbeatable : Discovery Channel

    Sweet bypass for student finger scanner | ZDNet
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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    Have you read the "2 Star" customer review ?
    not sure if this works on windows 7 or xp but does not work on windows 8 was waste of money for me put it drawer out of eye sight
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    Quote Originally Posted by McRuff View Post
    No not for me. I am sure I saw this one time in a movie, in a scene involving a set of bolt cutters.
    HAHAHA! I envision a scenario, not with Bolt Cutters, but with Utensils that can remove fingers. Like in the first 'Species" moovie where the chick chops off her thumb to fool Ghandi into thinking she had been blown up.
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    My machine has it, but I've never bothered with it.

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    Is it just me, or does this not have 'disaster' written all over it...
    I mean, ok fine, if you absolutely need such a thing, but what happens when it stops working, for whatever reason... or you get a boo-boo on yer finger....???
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    Nice feature (finally I find something good to say about the w8 UI !).
    but what happens when it stops working, for whatever reason... or you get a boo-boo on yer finger
    Am using the fingerprint on my HP laptops, several prints are registered, can use any of them + there is a master admin password as backup. If MS does it that way there should never be any problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4wd View Post
    + there is a master admin password as backup. If MS does it that way there should never be any problem.
    Oh, ok, that makes sense.
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    I have read many, many announcements about "Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with fingerprint" - but nowhere any description how it works.

    • I have a working fingerprint reader - I can logon in Windows 8.1 Pro with fingerprint.
    • I have created an encrypted folder (right mouse click to folder -> Properties -> Advanced -> Encrypt contents to secure data -> OK). And Windows Explorer shows the folder in green colour.
    • But how can I use the fingerprint reader with this encrypted folder ? I always have full access to this folder. How to secure this folders with fingerprint ?
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    I'm wondering if they'll implement a password method/fail safe for the feature either for those who don't have a have a finger print reader or somehow messed up their finger print (paint, super glue etc).
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Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with fingerprint
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