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I had the Windows RT Surface and love it, and then returned it in five days. With few decent modern apps, and the lockdown on browsers, the options are very limited for its use. Not to mention, change the name. It would be smarter if you renamed your ARM OS to match your phone OS (which means changing your phone OS name as well.) Yea, I know, Apple does that, but you know what, it works! That will remove the confusion in the market. Confusion leads to inaccurate expectations which leads to angry customers which leads Microsoft to where it is today.
There was no lockdown on the browser, every site worked just some Flash sites had to be added to the whitelist manually. It's better now since they changed it to a blacklist because all sites just work with no manual intervention.

As for names:

Mac iOS (no legacy Mac apps, store apps only)
Mac OSX (legacy apps and now store apps too)

Windows RT (no legacy apps, store apps only)
Windows 8 (legacy apps and store apps)

I don't buy the 'confusion' that people complain about, you don't see people buying iPads and getting irate because they couldn't install Adobe CS when they took it home. RT = No legacy Apps...it's also clearly stated on the packaging of the RT device of choice, if a consumer buys one thinking otherwise they are just dumb. The whole confusion aspect of it was over blown by the media and consumers bought into it instead of using their own brain.