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Windows 'Blue': Microsoft blows it

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    For those of you that say, "well just use Windows 7" That's a fair statement but! It's not as easy as it sounds if you're buying a new device. To get downgrade rights you have to buy 8 Pro so that's more money. Even then it can be a hassle for those that may not have the technical skills a lot of use here have. You have to get the Windows 7 install media from the manufacturer then do a clean install or factory restore etc, etc. Having the option to just turn metro off or turn on the classic start menu is something that would make life a lot easier for some users. I think some of use loss sight of the fact that not everybody is as skilled as a lot of use here are and that what seems so easy for use is not so easy for the average joe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    So I guess they are guaranteeing Stardock record profits this year.
    Yes, i am a regular client Stardock client (5 licenses for Decor 8, 5 for Modernmix), even asked them to find a solution to get rid of the OLD startmenu, but no reply here.

    Tried Start8 for 5 minutes, then deleted it.

    If ever Stardock can arrange avoiding the OLD startmenu, i buy the program immediatly.

    It would be nice if MS would give that option at setup.

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    Just my two cents with the rest of the world. I am one who agrees they should have left the start menu as an option. Every version of Windows since Windows XP has had a "classic mode." It is mind boggling they did not do that this time given the drastic paradigm shift, if nothing else they should have done it for the business clients, where the biggest part of their income stream is.

    That being said, Windows 8 for the desktop does work well. Mouse navigation also is good. The real issue is Microsoft's total failure in marketing just the touch and mobile aspects, and pushing manufacturers to produce Frankenstein hybrids. If they had actually marketed to their 1.5 billion customers how to use the new features on a desktop or traditional laptop I think the hate would be tuned down. What is pissing off a lot of people, me included, is the idea of them assuming they can force an entire industry into a new physical PC model. While mobile has it's uses, it is not a universal device, nor will it ever be.
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Windows 'Blue': Microsoft blows it
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