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Windows 'Blue': Microsoft blows it

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    I guess the phrase Microsoft touted quite a lot before releasing Windows 8 was "The new Windows for new PCs" got lost SO BADLY in interpretation...

    I personally believe that Microsoft should do whatever the hell they feel best for their company and its future. Their future doesn't revolved around the desktop PC, start menus, or relying on OEMs to deliver poor user experiences until a year or so after releasing a new Windows version. If you don't like that direction, well, tough titties. The world has changed greatly computing wise in five years, much more dramatic than it did 10 years before that. Don't like that fact? Well, go live under a rock. This is simple called "adapting to the current market." The current market isn't a box with parts it in it connected to an external monitor with a mouse. It's hasn't been that way for years, because obviously the very definition of "computer" has turned into a laptop. THAT is the current state of the market, which is undergoing a shift from that to tablet PCs and phablets. Don't like that trend? Don't know what to tell you.

    Also, Microsoft NEVER removed a choice from Windows, AT ALL. If you want the newer aspects of Windows and like the direction they are going, go with Windows 8. It's superior, better flexibility, more ways to interact with it than every before. But if you don't like that direction nor like the newer aspects of Windows 8, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF WINDOWS 7. It's been there, currently is still selling, will be supported like Windows xp (and in fact by the time 7 is EOL'ed, we'll be calling the people using 7 dinosaurs). It's like Windows 8, but it doesn't have a Start Screen. Simple as that. Maybe it's not Microsoft forcing users to use Windows 8, it's more like some are forcing THEMSELVES to use Windows 8....

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    Right, they never removed choice. Got any other tall tales to share, lmao.

    Is it that 8 just isn't being used much that disturbs you so much? You seem as if you have a financial stake in the success of w8, that must really blow.

    I would say better luck with 8.1 but I fear that it will just be more of the same. MS trying to tell it's customers what they need. Like it worked out so well for w8, yeah.
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    Can I ask any Question?
    When we go to searchboax and type:-
    Then we come in this forums
    But when we Type:-
    Then also we come here.

    Why does this happen?
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    Blue is Window 8.1 so doesn't need a new forum and both domains are owned by me.
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    Oh, I See.
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    Am I the only one wondering what all the naysayers who are criticising Microsoft and Windows 8 actually want from the desktop? Is it just a start menu? Windows 7 was a magnificent operating system and with a few minor exceptions NOTHING has been taken away from the desktop functionality in Windows 8.

    So what do people want exactly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruudfood View Post
    Am I the only one wondering what all the naysayers who are criticising Microsoft and Windows 8 actually want from the desktop? Is it just a start menu? Windows 7 was a magnificent operating system and with a few minor exceptions NOTHING has been taken away from the desktop functionality in Windows 8.

    So what do people want exactly?
    lots of people want to disable metro and have start menu back.. and windows store and apps is not as good as it should be (why would anyone use full screen app on desktop PC with lots of wasted space and less functionality than desktop alternative). MS should separate touch mobile devices and desktop workstations.. or at least make option during install or first boot for example we detected you installed windows 8 on desktop pc with mouse and keyboard and no touch do you want to make desktop default and have start menu and disable metro..
    windows store is good idea in general but executed poorly it feels rushed and full screen apps is ridiculous on desktop pcs.. why cant there be classic windows UI apps as option. (even if they are coded same way as metro apps just bit different layout not for touch and windowed mode)
    windows phone always has had very small market share and windows 8/RT did not make any break..
    why Microsoft want to throw away its dominant desktop workstation market I don't know.. :/
    even apple don't slap iphone UI on macos (at least for now). disappointment with Ubuntu unity in Linux front is good sign that people don't want tablet/phone ui on desktop. Tablet may be the future or whatever but there still is and for foreseeable future will be need for desktop workstations.. where windows is king.

    that what fits all is good at nothing.
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    Fair point on the removal of Metro if no touch/gesture device detected during installation but you can't remove it completely if it's the de facto method of starting applications. I operate a Windows 8 desktop and rarely see Metro, even for starting apps and with the option to boot to the desktop in Blue you only need to jump into Metro when you're starting an application (and there are ways around that without using a 3rd party start menu too!)

    You mention the Windows Store but what's preventing you or anyone from downloading and installing apps in the same way you did for Windows 7? They'll still work!
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    Actually, for those who think I'm a nay-sayer or a Luddite (looking at you, Cokie) I'd just like to point out that I was unaware that I'd even mentioned the start menu (checks.... nope, didn't). In fact, go check my post history, and you'll see that I've never at any stage bagged Windows 8.

    Aspects of it, yes. Show me any OS that's 100% perfect. But the OS as a whole? No. Did I ever post that I was 'going back to 7'? No.

    And of course there's the small but salient fact that after using it through most of its beta phase, I then went and purchased it.

    Now, I couldn't care less whether the start menu comes back or not. If it does, great. If not, no biggie. I'd just work around it. Same with the Start screen. If it's there, I'll customise it the way I like it, as I've done in 8. If not, so what? And I did say I liked the idea of small tiles, although I've no use for larger ones.

    But I, and millions like me, work primarily or exclusively in the desktop, and we had, quite reasonably, hoped that there might be something for us. But no. All they managed to do was booger File Explorer up by getting rid of Libraries and making Skydrive the default save location. No, thanks, I won't be using the cloud. not now, not in the future. And I don't like an OS that's set up to do so by default.

    Cokie, you and your merry band might not like the idea that the 'desktop' isn't dying, but you better accept it because many of us will not be following you to your utopia, but will be remaining here to create the content you consume. Because quality content sure won't be getting created on tablets or phones.

    Sure, mobile computing is there if you want it, but so are desktop/laptops, and they will not be going away in our lifetime. I resent the implication (or outright accusation, from some) that I'm some kind of fossil who can't adapt, or newbie who won't learn, simply because I find aspects of the current trend unwelcome and unwanted. I've been computing since well before the days of the PC, and have learned more OSes than some of you have had hot breakfasts. But some of you really are starting to sound like the fanbois on ZDnet, which I find sad and disappointing.

    There's room for the tablet/phone AND the desktop/laptop, but some fanbois can't or won't see it.

    End rant.

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    Well, if it's a free upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 I'll definitely do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    Blue is Window 8.1 so doesn't need a new forum and both domains are owned by me.
    Good to know that. Yes it sounds logic: Even if they release 8.9 it will still be called W8 so this forum will still apply to that version as well.
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Windows 'Blue': Microsoft blows it
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