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Tablets to Top Laptops This Year, All PCs in 2015

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    Tablets to Top Laptops This Year, All PCs in 2015

    It's long been said that tablets will at some point become more popular than laptops, but according to a new forecast from IDC, that shift is poised to occur this year.

    The market research firm predicted that tablet shipments will grow 58.7 percent year over year in 2013 to reach 229.3 million units, up from 144.5 million last year. Meanwhile, the "slumping PC market" is expected to see negative growth for a second consecutive year as tablet shipments outpace laptop shipments in 2013, and exceed the entire PC market - including desktops - by 2015.

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    Hi there
    I really can't see growth of small tablets (Less than 8 ins) taking place in 2015 -- why bother with these when decent smart phones can do all that these devices can do (and more).

    If I needed a tablet I'd go for one around 11 ins -- still portable and a large enough screen to be useful. An 8 inch screen doesn't offer anything really significant over a decent SAMSUNG S4 phone (screen approx. 5 ins) which is about the largest practicable pocket size device - before you get into those ridiculous "Phablet" devices --ever seen how idiotic these look when somebody is trying to make a call on one of these in a crowded place.

    I think here the forecasters have got it totally wrong --actually in 2015 we might even see a SMALL resurgence of the PC market -- businesses these days are increasingly moving over to BYOD systems (saves then a boodle of dosh and from having to upgrade 1000,000's of old desktop computers) which will drive the market for laptops again.

    Tablets of the 11 inch sort of size I'm sure WILL be the most popular option - not pointed out by the article. -- I'm sure loads of people when playing around with a tiny 8 inch (or smaller) tablet will soon get pretty sick of its limitations - especially when they realize that a decent PHONE would be just as good -- and with 4G service increasingly common the phone will have better / faster Wifi than the tablet anyway.

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    ....and most of them will be running Android....
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    I love my iPad mini. My full size iPad never gets used anymore. The user experience is much better than that from a phone and it is a very handy size. Easy to hold. If I could get a free iPad, it would be another mini. I have no interest in the larger iPads after using the 7" version.

    Smart phones can do what a 7" tablet can do.

    A Smart car will get you to the grocery store just like a Camry will but the experience is quite different.
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    My tablet is, and is used as, a toy.

    For anything serious, I want a decent laptop as the minimum.

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    HTC nixes plans for 12-inch Windows RT tablet, report says

    Bloomberg's source disclosed that the tablet would have cost HTC too much and the weak demand for RT tablets meant that the company had to be more selective about the products it brings to the market.
    Instead, the focus will be on two 7-inch tablets -- one running RT, and the other Android. Both devices will be launched at the same time in either September or October.
    HTC nixes plans for 12-inch Windows RT tablet, report says | Mobile - CNET News

    Seems to me phones and tablets are merging in size soon there will be no tablet because the phone will do it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    My tablet is, and is used as, a toy.

    For anything serious, I want a decent laptop as the minimum.

    Depends on what you mean by serious. Is therapizing (no it's not a word but I intend to put it in the dictionary) serious business? Is writing up reports about a therapist's patient and keep all the electronic filing in a computing device serious?

    A couple years ago, my friend who's a therapist came to me asking what her next device should be. She'd been using a laptop and she didn't like it. She saw people using tablets and she liked how small they were. I hooked her up with the asus transformer and she'd been working with that android hybrid since. Earlier this week she dropped by my place telling me she wanted to upgrade and it should be a windows 8 hybrid this time. She was going to leave for Russia this week so we plan to go out and shop for her upgrade after she gets back.

    We're talking about a therapist here. All her work she does with her hybrid device.

    I'm a field engineer. All my work are also done on a hybrid device.

    Just saying for the majority of professions out there there's no need for a super duper super computer like Colossus: The Forbin Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    And for most people, there's even no need for that either. Most people will be perfectly happy with a media consumption tablet.

    Regarding the tablet market overtaking the PC market, I believe it. Last night, I went to my niece's middle school graduation. We sat up high in the back. Sitting from the back, I was amazed to see a sea of 7 inch and 10 inch tablets being used to video record. I know we on the internet like to make fun of people shooting videos using their 7 inch and 10 inch tablets, but people out in the real world actually do it. We're talking about soccer moms and businessman dads shooting videos with their tablets here.

    Just sayin', what we geeks say on the internet don't necessarily reflect reality.
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    Check out this little critter:

    even if you think the phone capabilities are little more than a daft frivolity, there's no denying the Fonepad packs a hell of punch for a budget tablet. It's good enough, even, to elbow aside the iPad mini at the top of our A-List.

    Asus Fonepad review | PC Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    My tablet is, and is used as, a toy.

    For anything serious, I want a decent laptop as the minimum.

    Same here!
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    I honestly don't know why this is a big surprise. It's simply the next natural evolution in personal computing. As I've been saying for some time, and will continue to say it, we live in a mobile world where mobile computing is a way of life. People simply don't want big anymore when the technology is calling for small and light.

    When I started looking to purchase a laptop late last year I quickly moved from wanting a big heavy 17" to a small lightweight 13" ultra book. As tablets get better and better, I suspect that ultra-book will get replaced with one of those.

    Yes, there is still a role for a desktop, but that role is dwindling as the work force shifts and become ever more mobile.

    Point is the "PC" as we know it is simply being replaced with the PC of the future, just as they will eventually be replaced with something else.

    Simply put, technology marches on.
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Tablets to Top Laptops This Year, All PCs in 2015
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